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* D
em etz
, H
The house on Prague Street.
New York, St. Martins, 264 p.
(12 and up)
Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia is the setting o f a fictionalized
memoir portraying a part-Jewish girl’s passage into adulthood. Lyri­
cal, poetic writing.
* D
, M
Hanukkah; eight nights
eight lights.
Illus. by Brom Hoban.
New York, Holiday House, 1980. 94 p. (10-14)
A well-rounded source book on a subject that often gets super­
ficial treatment, it includes origins and celebration o f the holiday;
suggestions for activities; rituals, games, etc. Informative and read­
able. Index.
Passover: a season offreedom.
Illus. with photos and drawings by
Brom Hoban. New York, Holiday House, 1981. 94 p. (10-14)
Although the holiday recalls the bitterness of slavery, its message
is one of hope. Thoughtful interpretation o f ritual and history lifts
the book out o f the ordinary. Passover manual. Index.
ish er
, L
v e r e t t
A Russian farewell.
Illus. by the author. New
York, Four Winds, 1980. 133 p. (10-14)
Convincing historical portrait o f an archetypical Jewish family in
pre-Revolutionary Russia which reads more like non-fiction than
fiction. The dramatic black and white illustrations are more convinc­
ing than the lackluster characterizations.
rank el
, M
o ffm a n
I live in Israel.
Illus. New York,
Behrman, 1979. 127 p. paper (8-12)
It is as though a child was your guide, taking you on a tour o f Israel
and showing you life in Jerusalem, Beersheva, a kibbutz, etc. Actu­
ally an activity book, but text and photos create a pleasant and
informative portrait o f modern Israel.
* F
, R
u ssell
Immigrant kids.
Illus. with photos. New York, Dutton,
1980. 72 p. (10-14)
Interesting photographs chronicle the everyday life o f immigrant
children at school, home, work and play in the early 1900’s. Freed­
man’s prose is clear, well-organized, and revealing. Index.
, Y
a f fa
Savta Simcha and the incredible Shabbos bag.
Illus. by Bina
Gewirtz. New York, Feldheim, 1980. 84 p. (8-12)
The Yiddish Mary Poppins pulls an assortment o f unexpected
objects from the contents o f her limitless satchel, but being more
vulnerable than Mary, her young friends are involved in doing
mitzvahs to save her. Fantastic whimsey serves to reinforce the
ir ion
, B
ar bara
Like everybody else.
New York, Scribner’s 1980. 169 p.
Insights gained while reading “A Woman of Valor” in preparation