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the theme that “God works miracles in all generations even though
we are not always aware of them.” All the stories have charm, but the
one set in the Warsaw ghetto is unforgettable. Lieblich’s evocative
paintings surpass illustration.
ko lsky
, M
ar shaw
Hannah is a palindrome.
b y
Karen Ann
Weinhaus. New York, Harper, 1980. 124 p. (8-12)
The adventures Hannah’s family have while running a small
restaurant, and Hannah’s progress towards maturity are related
with good natured humor. Sociologically Jewish.
* S
p ier
, P
e t e r
Illus. by the author. New York, Doubleday, 1980.
unp. (All ages)
A large-format picture-book that shows how different this planet’s
people are, and how we must respect the difference. King Solomon
is used as an example o f “wisdom” and Judaism is represented in
“Feasts and Holidays” and elsewhere in the book.
t e in k o l er
, R
o n n ie
AJeivish cookbookfor children.
Sonja Glassman.
New York, Messner, 1980. 96 p. (8-12)
Recipes for traditional Eastern European and some Middle East­
ern foods are arranged according to holiday with a cursory introduc­
tion about each festival. Its best feature is clarity, but it lacks the
attractiveness and style of Burstein’s
A first Jewish holiday cookbook
(Bonim, 1979). Kosher.
t e r n
, E
Dreamer in the desert: a profile ofNelson Glueck.
York, Ktav. 1980. 158 p. (10-14)
A serviceable, but pedestrian biography of the American ar-
cheologist who pioneered archeological exploration in Palestine-
Israel and Transjordan, and helped prove that the biblical tales were
not just legends.
* Suhl, Yuri.
The Purim goat.
Illus. by Kaethe Zemach. New York, Four
Winds/Scholastic, 1980. unp. (4-8)
A poor widow’s son schemes to save the life o f a goat doomed to
the butcher’s knife if it doesn’t produce enough milk. He trains it to
collect money at Purim by doing tricks. Succinct and flavorful story­
telling, humorous dialogue, and lively drawings.
ay lo r
. S
Danny loves a holiday.
Illus. by Gail Owens. New York, E.P.
Dutton, 1980. 70 p. (4-8)
Innocent, sentimental optimism marks these warm stories (previ­
ously published elsewhere) o f Danny learning the significance o f 11
Jewish holidays. Saved from didacticism by Taylor’s smooth, ami­
able style and Owens’ relaxed illustrations.
e il e r s t e in
, S
ad ie
o se
The best of K ’tonton.
Illus. by Marilyn Hirsch.
Introd. by Francine Klagsbrun. Phila., Jewish Publication Society of
America, 1980. 95 p. (6-9)
Sixteen o f the best K’tonton stories have been illustrated by Mari­