Page 220 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 39

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a’V 'nx nxa .tow Yipa cy . n
Va x m a V n Vy n a x Vw “r o n
/ay rx p .x"awn /pVjmn .ro«P
,]’Vpna .jxanyay’V ' ’aio nxa .o’xVsa
, n m x a D’ ai t J
/ay a"xn .x"awn /'Tana* o irr
Sermons and talmudic novellae of the late Rabbi T . Lieberman,
rabbi in Hungary and later SSo Paulo, Brazil.
n-rp pajn o’pwsn n a i , xnaw n m x s n ■»a i
( o n t m p )
/ay t r ’p .x"awn ,noan pnr Vxiaw ,]’Vpm .nann
wxn mnooa Vy D’Enrn s i pVn n a n Vxiw’ nxa . V x i w ’ V Vta
/ay r n .a"wn ,o’inyo jw’rx&axp -ixoo ,pnx’ ra .xar nawn
Vxiaw nxa .D’nana onan ,*rn mar .maiwm mVxw , V x i aw -r
/ay n .x"awn ,nnp mVw ,pVpna ,m p
t it
naVw nry’Vx xn’ nwa nxa .nV’aoi ma maVn Vy m n o m i ’
/ay a"ow .x"awn /nana* cnsia ,pVpria .aVxayyaw
onas nxa .nnsipna nann nona n o i ’anaai ’a’*r Wia , n x m p
,pVpna .D’iaVD” o Vxr ’wivm ’anaa oy /rtnirnw rVyT
.x"awn /nana*
On the laws of the blessing of the sun by Sigmund Schwartz, to­
gether with the customs of the Satmarer Hasidim.
pnr ,]’Vpna .pxaVVix ]aVr naVw nxa .D’wrn , naVw m r v
/ay r w .a"wn ,*ixnViw
,pnx’ ra .nya’n nwa nxa .D’wa ’wiaVa ’in p:ya , i Va na m i a a
/ay 44 ,Y'xp ,18 .x"awn
.wtrrxarVa T ia ix mmw ’B-Vy .rmnn Vy iw n’oa ’ " w i ’ VVa
.ay,wn ,nnp ,pVpna .’iVa maio ’v-Vy lanya
’anaa ’"sy .nann nana msa Vy . . . wa wn n x s a ( on o a i p )
apy’ nVnp na’W’ v/yw cmna man ’"y mxV x r .Y'lanx n a
/ay "ra .x"awn ,"yt;n„ oisna ,pVpna .xdxstt
namia nwm nxnn .x n a . p p a y n i n ’ Vx n o r ’ an ’ an a
/d*t rVn .x"awn ,min mry ,pnx’ xia .naVwiai
n’aiD nwa nxa .D’aiw D’l ’aya Dmx’ai D’wrm ,ym » v noaV
/ay x"ap .x"awn ,m n* oisia ,pVpna .oyn
—rVpn .a"wn ,nnp ,pVpna .V ,oa D’pns . x ’ an D’ na x ’ tn p V
/ay a*Bpn
A new annotated edition of the major work of Shneor Zalman of
Ladi, the founder of Habad (Lubavitch) Hasidism. Covers chapters
»Y'Dpn .x"awn .nnp /pVpna .aV ,xV D’pno . x ’ an o n a x ’ o i p V
/ay rVnn—
A continuation of the above. Covers chapters 30-31.