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Anglo-Jewish Books
A b e r , I t a
.Art ofJudaic needlework.
London, Bell
Hyman, 1980. 160
p . ,
A hm ad ,
Muhammad and the Jews.
London, Vikas, 1980. 140 p.
B a r k e r ,
Arab-1sraeli wars.
Shepperton, I. Allan, 1980. 176 p. Illus.
B a r n e s , J am e s J . a n d P a t i e n c e , P .
‘Mein Kampf in Britain and
Cambridge University Press, 1980. xiii, 158 p. Notes, Ind.
B e r l i n , I s a i a h .
Personal Impressions.
Ed. by Henry Hardy. London,
Hogarth Press, 1980. 219 p.
B e r n s t e i n , B u r t o n .
Sinai: the great and terrible wilderness.
London, Weiden-
Nicolson, 1980. 288 p. Maps.
B i rm in g h am J e w i s h H i s t o r i c a l R e s e a r c h G ro u p .
BirminghamJewry, 1 7 4 9 -
Warley, 1980. 135
p . B i b l . ,
Notes, Ind., Illus.
B o rd m a n ,
G e r a l d .
Jerome Kern; his life and music.
London, Oxford Univer­
sity Press, 1980. 438 p.
B o r t h w i c k , B r u c e
Comparative politics of the Middle East; an introduction.
Hemel-Hampstead, Prentice Hall, 1980. 320 p. Bibl., Ind.
C a p la n , N e i l .
Palestine Jewry and the Arab question 1 9 1 7 -1 9 2 5
. London, F.
Cass, 1980. 268 p.
C a r s t e n ,
Rise offascism.
2nd edition. London, Batsford, 1980. 279
p .
Bibl., Ind.,
C a t t a n , H e n r y .
London, Croom Helm, 1981. 229 p.
CATrAN, H e n r y .
The question ofJerusalem.
London, Third World Centre
for Research
Publishing, 1980. 78 p.
C l a r k , R o n a l d
Freud; the man and the cause.
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson and Jonathan Cape, 1980, 560 p. Illus.
C o h e n , P e r c y
S. Jewish radicals and radicalJews.
London, Academic Press
for the Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1980. xviii, 224 p. Ind.
The Jewish involvement in the New Left.
C om ay , J o a n .
The Diaspora story; the epic of theJewish people among the nations.
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1981. 288 p. Illus.
D a y a n , M o sh e .
Breakthrough; a personal account of the Egypt-Israel peace
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1981. 400 p. Illus.
E a s t E n d C o n f e r e n c e ,
12 October 1980.
London, Jewish
Historical Society of England, 1980.
F a r i s , A l e x a n d e r
.Jacques Offenbach.
London, Faber &Faber, 1980. 275 p.