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F e ldm a n , D a v id M i c h a e l .
Birth control in Jewish law: marital relations.
traception and Abortion as Set Forth in the Classic Texts of Jewish
Law. New edition. London, Greenwood Press, xiii, 322 p.
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The National Front.
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F o s t e r ,
D a v e .
Jerusalem; the Kingsway photoguide
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Israel observed; an anatomy of the State.
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F r a s e r ,
T.G., ed.
The Middle East 1 9 1 4 -1 9 7 9
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xviii, 205 pp. Maps, Bibl., Ind.
G amm ond , P e t e r .
Offenbach: his life and times.
London, Midas Books. 168 p.
G e r b e r , J a n e
.Jewish society in Fez 1 4 5 0 -1 7 0 0 ; studies in communal and
economic life.
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in modern times, 6)
G i l lm a n , P e t e r
L e n i .
Collar the lot.
London, Quartet, 1980. 334 p.
The internment of enemy aliens, includingmanyJewish refugees,
during World War II.
G i lm o u r , D a v id .
Dispossessed: the ordeal of the Palestinians 1 9 1 7 -1 9 8 0 .
don, Sidgwick
Jackson, 1980. 242 p. Bibl., Ind., Illus.
G o l a n , A v i e z e r
P in k a s , D an n y .
Code name The Pearl’: life of Shula
A .
2 2 4 p .
G r e e n b e r g , F l o r e n c e .
Jewish cook book.
London, Hamlyn, 1980. 192 p.
G r i f f i t h , R i c h a r d .
Fellow-travellers of the Right; British enthusiasts fo r Nazi
Germany 1933 -39 .
London, Constable, 1980, 406 p. Bibl., Ind. Illus.
G ru n f e i .d , J u d i t h .
Shefford - the story of a Jewish school community in the
evacuation 1 9 3 9 -1 9 4 5
London, Soncino Press, 1980. 125 p.
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Greeks and Barbarians
Aspects of the Hellenization
of Judaism in the pre-Christian period. Tr. from German. London,
SCM Press, 1980. x, 174 p. Bibl., Notes.
H e r z e n . A l e x a n d e r .
Childhood, youth and exile.
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H o u r a n i , A l b e r t .
Europe and the Middle East.
London, Macmillan, 1980.
xiii, 226 p. Notes, Ind.
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The Jewish law annual.
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Essays on Jewish law.
J a c k s o n , B e r n a r d
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Modem research in Jewish law.
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1980. vii, 157 p. (Supplementary series, 1).