Page 256 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 39

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M a lam u d , B e r n a r d .
New life. New edition, London, Chatto & Windus.
374 p.
M e n d e s - F l o h r , P a u l R . a n d R e i n h a r z , J e h u d a ,
The Jews in the modem
world; a documentary history.
London, Oxford University Press, 1980.
xix, 556 p. Appendix, Ind.
M e r h a v , P e r e t z .
The Israeli Left: history, problems, documents.
Yoseloff, 1980. 320 p.
M i t c h e l l , D o n a l d .
Gustav Mahler. The early years.
2nd revised edition.
London, Faber
Faber, 1980. 338 p. Illus.
M o n r o e , E l i z a b e t h .
Britain’s moment in the Middle East
1914—1971. Lon­
don, Chatto
Windus, 1981. 256 p.
Includes the years of the Mandate in Palestine.
M o o nm an , J a n e .
an analysis.
London, Joint Israel Appeal,
1980. 64 p. Bibl.
M o o nm an , J a n e ,
Zionist year book.
London, Zionist Federation of Great
Britain and Ireland, 1980. 385 p. Bibl.., Ind.
M o s s ek M .
Palestine immigration policy under Sir Herbert Samuel; British,
Zionist and Arab attitudes.
London, F. Cass, 1980. 179 p.
N a k h l e h , K h a l i l a n d Z u r e ik , E l i e ,
The sociology of the Palestinians.
London, Croom Helm, 1980. 238 p. Appendices, Bibl. Ind.
N iew yk , D o n a l d
The Jews in Weimar Germany.
Manchester, Manchester
University Press, 1981. viii, 229 p. Bibl. Ind.
O ’H e a r , A n t h o n y .
Karl Popper.
London, Routledge and Kegan Paul,
1981. 232 p.
O l s o v e r ,
The Jewish communities of North-East England,
Gateshead, A. Mark, 1981. 360 p. Illus.
O s b o r n e , C h a r l e s a n d T h o m s o n , K e n n e t h ,
Klemperer stories.
London, Robson Books, 1980. 128 p., Illus.
Two admirers of the great conductor recount stories and anec­
dotes about him.
O t t , D a v id
.Palestine in perspective; politics, human rights,
the West Bank.
London, Quartet Books, 1980. 157 p.
O t t o s s o n , M a g n u s .
Temples and cult places in Palestine.
Upsala, Almquist,
1980. 140 p. Illus. (Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis)
P a t a i , R a p h a e l .
The vanished worlds ofJewry.
London, Weidenfeld
son, 1981. 192 p. Illus., Ind.
European Jewish communities.
P e a r lm a n , M o s h e .
Digging up the Bible.
London, Weidenfeld
1980. 240 p. Illus. Ind., Bibl.
P r i t t i e , T e r e n c e .
Whose Jerusalem?
London, Frederick Muller, 1981. 256
p. Illus.