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forts of Rabbis Gilbert Klaperman, Judah Nadich and Ely Pilchik,
who helped in bringing
the Annual
to the attention o f rabbis and
congregational libraries.
Dr. Leonard Gold, chairman, Deborah Brodie, David Adler,
Dr. Paula E. Hyman, Philip E. Miller and Dr. Menahem
Schmelzer, members.
Three publications are now in the final stages of editing. They
How To Organize A Jewish Library,
by Margot Berman,
SelectedList ofChildrens Books,
by Marcia Posner, and a list o f
Print Books ofJewish Interest,
by Helene Tuchman.
Building Your
HomeJewish Library: A Beginners List,
prepared in cooperation with
this committee for the “New York Is Book Country” Fair, Sep­
tember 1980, proved of interest to readers throughout the year
and was added to the order form for 1981. A new descriptive
brochure about the Council is in preparation.
The Council welcomed Bantam Publishing Co. as an affiliate
and is making efforts to encourage the affiliation of other general
publishers who publish books of Jewish interest. The Council is
co-sponsoring a booth with the Association of Jewish Book Pub­
lishers at the 1981 Moscow Book Fair. It is anticipated that Dr.
Robert Gordis will represent the Council at this event.
The 1980 Fall Executive Board meeting of the Council ap­
proved the suggestion that a book review service to the American
Jewish Press be initiated. Dr. Gordis appointed the following
committee: Steven Bayme, David Mirsky, Nessa Rapaport, Ernest
Weiss, and Herman L. Sainer, chairman, to establish procedures.
As a result of the recommendations o f this committee, the Spring
Executive Board meeting voted to initiate this service in the Fall of
1981. Blu Greenberg was appointed chairman of the Book Re­
view Project. Five experimental packets will be sent free of charge
to the American Jewish Press on a bi-monthly basis as of Septem­
ber 1981. The coordinator of this project is William Wollheim,
editor of
Judaica Book News.