Page 289 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 39

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D r . R o b e r t a K a l e c h o f s k y .
author and editor of
Echad: An Anthology of
Latin American Jewish Writings.
A n n e L a p id u s L e r n e r ,
associate dean, Graduate School, Jewish
Theological Seminary of America; author of “
Passing the Love of
Women”: A Study of Gide's Soul and its Biblical Roots.
D r . B a r u c h
L e v in e ,
professor of Hebrew, Department of Near Eastern
Languages and Literature, New York University; author of
In The
Presence of the Lord,
a work dealing with the cult of ancient Israel.
D r . I s r a e l M e h lm a n ,
Israeli bibliophile and bibliographer; author of
Genuzot Sefarim,
a volume of bibliographical essays.
D r . J a c o b
M i k l i s z a n s k i ,
Hebrew author and professor emeritus, He­
brew College, Brookline, Mass.
D r M o s h e P e l l i ,
associate professor of Hebrew language and literature,
Yeshiva University; author of
The Age of Haskalah.
M a r c i a P o s n e r ,
library consultant and librarian, Shelter Rock Jewish
Center Library.
D e b r a R e e d ,
cataloger o f Hebrew and German materials, Hunter College
of the City University of New York.
M i c h a e l R i e g l e r ,
Judaica librarian, Jewish National and University Lib­
rary, Jerusalem ; bibliographer.
D r . E i s i g S i l b e r s c h l a g ,
author, translator, educator. Among his works:
five volumes of Hebrew poetry, and a two-volume study on Hebrew
literature —
From Renaissance to Renaissance.
D r . K e n n e t h
S t o w ,
member of the History Faculty, University of
Haifa; author of
Catholic Thought and Papal Jewry Policy 1555-1593 .
R u t h T r o n i k - R e i z e l ,
head of the Reference Department, Jewish National
and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel.
R a b b i T h e o d o r e W i e n e r ,
Judaica cataloger, Subject Cataloging Division,
Library of Congress.
D r . L e o n I . Y u d k in ,
lecturer in Modern Hebrew, University of Manches­
ter; author of
Escape Into Siege:A Survey of Israeli Literature Today
other works.