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Thefollowing list was gleanedfrom the bibliographical indices, listing
works published between 1970-1979. Where appropriate, brief comment
will be annotated.
B e r g e r , S a n d r a
The Book of Esther: Motifs, Themes, and Structure.
Press (Society for Biblical Literature Dissertation Series), 1979.
B r i c h t o , H e r b e r t
Kin, Cult, Land and Afterlife,
Hebrew Union
College-Jewish Institute of Religion, 1973.
This work of 105 pages first appeared in
the Hebrew Union College
and consists of new, original studies on a major complex of
biblical ideas.
C o g a n , M o r t o n .
Imperialism and Religion: Assyria, Judah and Israel in the
Eighth and Seventh Centuries, B.C.E.
Scholars Press, 1974.
One of the few historical studies by an American Jewish scholar,
who is now on the faculty of Ben-Gurion University, and lives in
C o h e n , H e r b e r t .
Biblical Hapax Legomena in the Light of Akkadian and
Scholars Press, 1978.
This published dissertation by an American Jewish scholar, now
living in Israel, is a comparative lexicographical inquiry.
F i s h b a n e , M i c h a e l .
Text and Texture: Close Readings ofSelected Biblical Texts,
Schocken, 1979.
G e l l e r , S t e p h e n .
Studies in Parallelism in Early Biblical Poetry,
Scholars Press
(Harvard Semitic Monographs), 1979.
G o r d i s , R o b e r t .
The Book ofJob,
Jewish Theological Seminary of America,
A new translation and commentary.
L e v e n s o n , J o n .
Theology of the Program of Ezekiel 40-48,
Scholars Press
(Harvard Semitic Monographs), 1979.
L e v in e , B a r u c h
In the Presence of the Lord: A Study ofCult and Some Cultic
Terms in Ancient Israel,
B r i l l , L e i d e n ,
e y e r s
C a r o l .
The Tabernacle Menorah: A Synthetic Study of a Symbolfrom
the Biblical Cult,
Scholars Press, 1976.
An art-historical inquiry which seeks to shed light on the meaning
of the biblical symbol, and the textual problems of its description.
M i l g r o m , J a c o b .
Studies in Levitical Terminology I, The Encroacher and the
Levite; The Term cAvodah,
University of California Publications (Near
Eastern Studies), 1970.
Cult and Conscience; theAsham and the PriestlyDoctrine ofRepentance,
E.J. Brill, Leiden, 1976.
P a u l , S h a l o m .
Studies in the Book of the Covenant, in the Light ofCuneiform and
Biblical Law,
(Vetus Testamentum, Supplement 18),
E.J. Brill, Leiden,