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P o l z i n , R o b e r t .
Late Biblical Hebrew,
Scholars Press (Harvard Semitic
Monographs), 1976.
--------- ,
Biblical Structuralism,
Scholars Press, 1977.
S a s s o n , J a c k
Ruth; A New Translation with Philological Commentary,
Johns Hopkins, 1979.
Z im m e rm a n , F r a n k .
Biblical Books Translated from the Aramaic,
Ktav Pub­
lishing House, 1975.
Although largely based on earlier studies, this monograph is in­
cluded here because it represents, in its present form and scope, a
previously unavailable study in which the author attempts to show
that certain late biblical books are, in fact, translations from Ara­
To the above list should be added two scholarly textbooks,
published und e r the aegis o f the Melton Research Foundation,
affiliated with the Jewish Theological Seminary o f America, and
which appeared around the tu rn o f the past decade. I re fe r to:
Understanding Genesis,
by Nahum M. Sarna, and
by Moshe Greenberg. These works, based on sound
scholarship, are attempts to in te rp re t the meaning o f the Bible, as
a source o f religious instruction.
The reader may consult certain periodicals which provide, at
least once a year, an exhaustive listing o f all books in the field of
biblical studies, as broadly defined as possible. These indices also
list the contents o f all periodicals, thus providing a bibliography
o f articles, as well.
Society for Old Testament Study, London.
The Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. (A quarterly).
Kiryat Sefer,
T h e Jewish National and University Library, Je ru sa ­
lem. (A quarterly).
Journal of Biblical Literature,
Society o f Biblical L iterature, North
America. (A quarterly.)
Revue Biblique
Ecole Pratique d’Etudes Bibliques,
Paris. (A qu a r­
Vetus Testamentum,
In ternational Organization o f Old Testamen t
Studies, Leiden, the Netherlands. (A quarterly.)
Zeitschriftfur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft,
Berlin. (A quarterly.)
Jewish scholars from North America routinely contribute
to most o f these periodicals, which also contain extensive book
review sections.