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she brings to bear on the inner life o f the Jews du ring the period.
T he role o f the witness du ring the Holocaust has been the subject
o f much serious discussion and has been elevated from the realm
o f pu re polemic by two excellent works,
The Politics of Rescue: The
Roosevelt Administration and the Holocaust, 1938-1945
Brunswick, New Jersey, 1970) by Henry L. Feingold and
and the Jews of Europe, 1939-1945
(Oxford, 1979) by Be rnard
Wasserstein. T he controversial policy pu rsued by the Vatican
du ring the period has been the subject o f a fine recent study,
Vatican Diplomacy and the Jews During the Holocaust, 1939-1943
(New York, 1980) by Jo hn F. Morley. T he history o f the Jo in t
Distribution Committee in the crucial years ju s t p rio r to the
Holocaust is the subject o f a definitive account by Yehuda Bauer,
My Brothers Keeper
(Philadelphia, 1974). In a more popu lar vein,
Bauer has drawn together from a series o f lectures a fine book on
some o f the h i s to r io g ra p h ic a l p ro b lem s c o n n e c te d w ith
Holocaust studies in
The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
Jewish resistance, its problems, its various manifestations, its
heroism and heroes have all gained prom inence as serious sub­
jects o f research. T he Yad Vashem conference papers on
Resistance during the Holocaust
(Jerusalem, 1971) present a num ber
o f the major points o f view prevailing on this complex subject. A
more uneven yet exhaustively complete study o f the subject can
be found in Reuben
A\nszto\n, J ewish Resistance in Nazi-Occupied
Eastern Europe
(London, 1974). While highly technical in its scien­
tific language, Helen Fein’s study o f national responses to Jewish
victimization du ring the Holocaust,
Accountingfo r Genocide
York, 1979) is an original and significant work.2
During the past decade the field o f American Jewish history has
entered a new stage o f maturity. Prior to that, the few serious
studies on the subject were dwarfed by the plethora o f apologetic
2 The reader interested in the theological dimension of the Holocaust and its
impact on post-war Christian as well as Jewish theology is urged to refer to
“Recent Literature on Christian-Jewish Relations” by A. Roy Eckardt, in
Book Annual,
vol. 38, 1980-81, pp. 47-61.