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such publications as
The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Atlantic, Com­
Present Tense.
David U nger is both a poet and a
translator. In 1978 he won the T ransla tion Cen ter Award, and in
1977 was cited as “Ou tstand ing W riter” fo r tha t year by
Joze Kozer, from Cuba, now lives in New York. His book,
Este Judio de Numeros y Letras
won the Ju lio Tovar Poetry Prize in
1974, and his poetry has been translated into English, Portuguese
and Greek. Jo rge Plescoff, born in Santiago de Chile in 1940, is
now an oral surgeon in Israel as well as the ed itor o f
Cuadernos DeJerusalem.
He has had two books o f poetry published
in Chile and his volume,
The Mist o f Dawn,
was translated into
Hebrew and published in Israel.
It cannot be said tha t Latin American Jewish writers exhibit a
movement o f togetherness in the ir Jewishness any more than it
can be said o f North American Jewish writers. What they exhibit
is a broad range o f interests, intelligence, responsiveness to both
the ir immediate world and the world at large, and occasionally
stylistic ingenuity. Though genius is rare , talent is abundan t.
Th e re is a suggestion o f decided prom ise in several writers bu t all
talent, as Samuel John son said, can be measured only by the test
o f time.