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year s
we have been able to draw attention to the growth
o f the Jewish publishing endeavor, which encompasses, in add i­
tion to both established Jewish firms and concerns o f more recent
standing, general trade publishers and university presses. The
survey articles and bibliographies which are regular features of
Jewish Book Annual
have served to chronicle the growth in the
market for both popu lar and scholarly works.
Undoubtedly the rap id development o f Jewish studies in col­
leges and universities has been a contributing factor in the expan ­
sion o f Jewish publishing. Various general publishers have con­
tinued to develop Jewish lists, while an increasing num ber of
university presses have sought to bring out solid works and
textbooks in the area o f Judaica.
It is encouraging to note, for example, tha t in response to the
renaissance in m odern Jewish studies, the State University o f New
York Press has launched two publication projects: a series d e ­
voted to Modern Jewish History and ano ther devoted to Modern
Jewish Literature and Culture. T h e initial announcemen t for
1981 includes seven titles covering such diverse topics as: Israeli
humor; the literary contributions o f Elie Wiesel and Micah
Jo seph Berdichewsky; the Jew in m od e rn d ram a ; rabb inic
exegesis; and source books on Jewish American women and on
B’nai B’rith. These titles, which are being made available in both
hardcover and paperback, are indicative o f the desire o f still
ano ther university press to present the fruits o f the research o f a
cadre o f young scholars for reference and classroom use.
In addition, the same university press has begun the publica­
tion in expanded form at o f a new annual jou rna l,
Studies in
AmericanJewish Literature,
whose first issue is devoted to the litera­
ture o f Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer. Fu ture issues will
concentrate on particular authors and on such thematic subjects
as Jewish women writers. A fu r th e r demonstration o f the com­
mitment to Jewish studies by a university press is the launching by