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spate o f anthologies and translations tha t have come from the
presses in recent months there is a steadily growing readersh ip
for Jewish poetry.
The anthology
Voices within the ark
(1980), edited by Howard
Schwartz and Anthony Rudolph, offers the most generous sam­
pling to date o f twentieth-century Jewish poetry. Actually, the
work comprises fou r anthologies, beginning with Hebrew (76
poets), and continuing with Yiddish (44 poets), English (92 poets
from the United States alone) and o the r languages. In all, some
400 Jewish poets coming from 40 countries and writing in 22
languages are represen ted .
As part o f its translation series, the University o f Iowa Press has
issued the anthology
Modem Hebrew poetry
(1980), translated by
Bernhard Frank. T he anthology makes available examples o f the
writings o f 49 poets, from Bialik and Tschernichowsky down to a
number o f contemporary Israeli au thors who have never before
been presented in anthology form.
For many years in p reparation ,
The Penguin book ofHebrew verse
(1981), edited by T. Carmi, has finally seen publication. One in
the celebrated series o f Penguin anthologies o f foreign poetry,
the volume offers a plain prose translation o f each poem together
with the Hebrew original on facing pages. What is especially
noteworthy about this anthology is its wide scope, for it brings
together for the first time selections from over three thousand
years o f Hebrew poetry, from biblical times to contemporary
Israeli writings.
In Israel, Dvir and the Jerusalem Post have jo ined forces to
e ChaimNachman Bialik, selectedpoems,
in Ruth Nevo’s felicitous
translation. This bilingual edition offers 36 o f the renowned
poet’s works, including such major items as “Dead o f the W ilder­
ness,” “The Pool,” and “The Scroll o f Fire.” In Israel, too, the
Institute for T ransla tion o f Hebrew L itera ture has continued to
publish samplings o f Israeli poetry. Its latest offering is
Lines cut -
posthumouspoems o ffou r young Israelis
(1981). Published in coopera­
tion with Hakibbutz Ham euhad and translated by Richard Flantz,
this modest bilingual collection contains the writings o f poets who
fell in battle.
In the field o f Yiddish poetry, Wayne State University Press has
reissued Sarah Zweig Betsky’s
Onions and cucumbers and plums
(1981), a collection o f 46 Yiddish poems by such masters as H.