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A special word of praise to the Young Men’s Hebrew Association of
Per th Amboy which made possible the publication of these songs. Only
generous backing could have afforded the opportunity for creation in a
direction so authentic.
— K
u r t
L i s t i n
Contemporary Jewish Record
Sabbath the ־Day of Delight
. By
br ah am
E . M
i l l g r am
h e
ew i s h
u b l i c a t io n
o c i e t y
1944. 495 pages. $3.00.
The Day of Delight
is the latest volume issued by the Jewish
Publication Society of America. No such book existed before. Now
tha t it does exist it assumes at once the character of the indispensable.
I t is encyclopedic in range, yet it has none of the formal stiffness of a book
of mere knowledge. Liturgy and legend, history and poetry, music and
ar t have all been drawn upon. Prophets, historians, sages, story-tellers,
all contribute or, rather, are made to contribute to the admirable plan
of the author, Abraham E. Millgram. People deeply aware of the signifi-
cance of the Sabbath for Israel and the world will delight in this book;
those — and there must be many in this age — who are becoming more
conscious of the necessity of Sabbath observance than they have been,
will find this volume an admirable and, indeed, inexhaustible guide for
themselves and their children. A perfect Sabbath, from kiddush through
havdalah with all the materials for an Oneg Shabbat of genuine musical
and literary distinction can be celebrated by following these many and
rich and fruitful pages.
— L u d w i g L e w i s o h n i n
New Palestine