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R o s e n , A a r o n H a r r y ,
author, composer;
Mezo-Koveszd, Hungary, April 25,
1893; educated Yeshiva; music critic on staff of
Jewish Daily News
, 1912-28;
on staff of
Jewish Morning Journal,
since 1928; organized Jewish Little
Symphony 1924; aged 51; New York, Dec. 2, 1944.
R o s e n f e l d , J o n a h ,
novelist, poet, playwright;
b .
Czartorysk, Volhynia, Russia,
1880; came to United States 1921; on staff of
Jewish Daily Forward
; New York,
July 9, 1944.
S c h l o e s s i n g e r , M a x ,
librarian, orientalist; b. Heidelberg, Germany, Sept. 4, 1877;
office editor,
Jewish Encyclopedia
, 1903-4; associate chancellor, Hebrew
University, Jerusalem; New York, May 9, 1944.
S i n g e r , I s r a e l J o s h u a ,
author, playwright; b. Bilgoraj, Poland, Nov. 30, 1893;
came to United States 1934; wrote short stories for newspapers and maga-
zines, Kiev, 1918; foreign correspondent,
Jewish Daily Forward,
author, “Yoshe Kalb,” “The Brothers Ashkenazi,” “The Family Carnovsky”
etc.; New York, Feb. 10, 1944.
Slonim, Jo e l , journalist; b. Drogitzine, Russia, Oct. 12, 1884; came to United
States 1886; educated Columbia University 1907-09; managing, literary
and dramatic editor of
The Warheit
, New York (1921-29); political editor of
The Day,
New York, since 1929; editor of
Literatur und Leben
(1921-24); of
(1925); dir., Harlem Hebrew Day and Night Nursery since 1921,
Hebrew National Orphan Home since 1924; member, executive committee
American Jewish Congress since 1917, Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League;
Jewish National Workers’ Alliance, New York; New York, Oct. 26, 1944.
S p e c t o r s k y , I s a a c ,
pedagogue; b. Kalvarie, Poland, Nov. 20, 1868; came to
United States 1882; superintendent, Educational Alliance, New York 1890-
1898; supervised Educational Alliance, Cleveland, Ohio, 1900-05, Cincinnati,
Ohio, 1886; editor,
Jewish Free Press,
Cleveland, Ohio, 1902-5; author “For
Emigrant Jews” ; Camp Hinsdale, Mass., June 7, 1944.
B r a u n s t e i n , M e n a c h e m M e n d e l ( M i b a s h a n ) ,
author, translator, educator;
b. Jassy, Rumania, 1858; went to Palestine 1914; Hebrew teacher in Rumania;
instrumental in establishing school libraries; organizer, society for popularizing
Hebrew literature; contributor to Hebrew and German Jewish periodicals
since 1885; author of Hebrew textbooks, including a history of the Jews;
Jerusalem, Palestine, December 11, 1944.
F i s c h e r , G y u l a ,
rabbi, author; b. Sarkeresztur, Hungary, 1861; rabbi, at Gyor,
Prague, and Budapest; professor at Rabbinical Seminary, Budapest, 30 years;
interpreted Judeo-Hellenic literature through translations into Hungarian;
aged 8 3 ; ---------, Hungary, reported March 7, 1944.
G l a s e r , L e o
N u s s b a u m ) ,
labor leader, author, secretary of Federation of
Jewish Societies of France; aged 55; (executed) France; reported September
17, 1944.
G l e m b o t s k i , M o s h e ( B e n - E l i e z e r ) ,
author, journalist, essayist; b. Stutchin
(near Vilna), Russia; contributor to Yiddish and Hebrew periodicals in Russia
and United States; editor,
Dos Yiddishe Folk
(1906-1910); translator for
p publishing house of Amameth, Moscow, later in Germany; an editor of
Palestine; aged 62, Tel Aviv, Palestine; reported August 8, 1944.
K a b a k , A a r o n A b r a h a m ,
Hebrew writer; b. Smorgon, Lithuania, 1880; went to
Palestine 1911; educated, University of Geneva; instructor, Hebrew Gym-
nasmm, Jerusalem; author of large number of novels, two collections of short
stories, and several dramas; also some writings in Yiddish; winner of Bialik
prize for literature, 1944; Jerusalem, Palestine, Nov. 18, 1944.