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a t z n e l s o n
, B
e r l
labor leader, editor; b. Bobruisk, Russia, 1887; went to Pales-
tine, 1909; a founder of the Gallilee Jewish Workers’ Committee of Poale
Zion in Russia; director, the Jewish National Fund; executive member,
Poale Zion; non-academic member Council of Hebrew University; editor,
; Jerusalem, Palestine, Aug. 12, 1944.
a z a r u s
, N
a t h a n
journalist; b. Russia 1884; member, Executive Council Zionist
Federation of Great Britain and Ireland; member British Section of Jewish
Agency; London correspondent of New York
Jewish Morning Journal
30 years; London, England, Sept. 29, 1944.
e v i n
, B
e n j a m i n
e n a s h e
rabbi; founder and principal of Alumah Rabbinical
College; author of “Otzar Geonim,” for which he was awarded Bialik prize;
aged 65; Jerusalem, Palestine; reported April 14, 1944.
o e w
, I
m m a n u e l
rabbi, author; b. Szeged, Hungary, 1854; chief Rabbi of Szeged;
former member Hungarian Senate; author, “Flora of the Jews,” “Fauna of the
Jews,” and many other works; Budapest, Hungary; reported Aug. 25, 1944.
a r k u s
, D
a v i d
rabbi, author, communal leader; b. Novgorod, Russia; went to
Turkey 1900; rabbi of Ashkenazi Community and principal Midrascha
Yavne School (1922-40); editor B’nai B’rith periodical
Turkey; reported July 21, 1944.
y e r
, M
o r r i s
artisan, author, editor;
Darmanesti, near Bacau, Rumania;
came to England 1902; editor,
Die Zeit
, 1913-44; Vice Pres., Zionist Federation
of Gt. Br. and Ireland; aged 65, London, England, Oct. 20, 1944.
y e r s
, A
lb e r t
sa ac
bookseller, religious and communal worker; vice-pres.,
Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association; treas., London Committee of Tel Aviv
Museum; publisher of Lady Magnus’ “Outlines of Jewish History” and”other
books; member, Jewish Historical Society; London, England, December, 1944.
a l l i e r e
A ime ,
writer, lecturer; b. Lyon, France, 1875; Catholic convert to
Judaism; founder,
Foi et reveil,
Jewish periodical, Paris; contributor to
Paris; author of “Unknown Sanctuary” and numerous books on Jews and
Judaism; taught at Paris rabbinical seminary; originator and pres., Union
Universelle de la Jeunesse Juive; mem. Central Committee of the Zionist
Organization of France; (in concentration camp), reported September, 1944.
r i l u t s k y
, N
o a h
communal leader, Yiddish writer, philologist; b. Berditchev,
Russia, 1882; elected member Warsaw City Council, 1916; Provisional State
Council, 1918; Sejm, 1922, re-elected, 1928; founder
Der Moment
, Yiddish
daily Warsaw, 1910, affiliated with it till 1939; co-editor
Dos Folk
; held chair
in Yiddish language, Vilna University, 1941; (executed by Nazis) Warsaw,
Poland; reported Dec. 10, 1944.
a v n i t z k y
, Y
e h o s h u a
H., author; b. Odessa, Russia, 1859; literary critic; co-
founder of publishing house Moriah, merged, in 1921, with Dvir, Berlin;
went to Palestine, 1922, as editor of Dvir; collaborated with Bialik on “Sefer
ha-Agadah” ; Tel Aviv, Palestine, May 3, 1944.
i n c e l b a u m
, E
m a n u e l
historian, author; b. Buczacz, Galicia, 1900; went to
Warsaw 1922; Ph.D. in history at Warsaw University; a founder of Seminary
for Jewish History; author and translator into Yiddish, of books on Jewish
history; active in Jewish student organizations; taught evening school for
working people; worked for historical section of Yiddish Scientific Institute,
Vilno; (killed by Nazis) Warsaw, Poland; reported Sept. 1, 1944.
u r t z e l
, J
u l i u s
former member Polish Senate; editor Polish-Jewish daily
, Lwow; aged 66; Haifa, Palestine, June 8, 1944.