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Moses Kligsberg of the Yiddish Scientific Institute again offers
a valuable contribution in the form of a
Bibliography of Yiddish
Books: June
, which includes practically all
Yiddish books published during the period. As in recent years,
the Yiddish literary production reflected the Jewish catastrophe
in Europe and the problems of Jewish post-war rehabilitation.
The bibliography indicates a new interest in the publication of
Yiddish books in two Jewish communities in Latin America —
Argentina and Uruguay.
Jacob Levin presents four lists of
Important Yiddish Books
private homes and public libraries, as follows: (1) Twenty of
the most important Yiddish works that all Jews should possess;
(2) sixty volumes of
belles-lettres \
(3) forty-five books of Yiddish
drama, and (4) forty volumes of Yiddish literature for youth.
The article on
Reviews of Yiddish Books
, compiled by Moshe
Starkman, is similar to those that appear in the English and
Hebrew Sections of the
Jewish Book Annual
. Culled from the Yid-
dish daily press and other sources, the reviews, limited in number
to eleven due to lack of space, are an excellent guide to some of
the better Yiddish books that have appeared recently.
A Festival fo r the Jewish Book
by Jacob Levin presents a plan
for the addition of a new holiday to the Jewish calendar. The
author proposes that one day during Jewish Book Month be
proclaimed as “The Festival of the Jewish Book,” when books
might be exchanged as gifts, new book collections presented to
libraries, and a festive family meal include the reading from
recommended books. Public celebrations should take place at the
same time.