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The Jewish Book Annual
should, by this time, need no intro-
duction to the Jew interested in the advancement and intensifica-
tion of Jewish culture in America. This is the fourth of our
; the aims which it espouses and the uses for
which it is intended should be clear to everyone in touch with
the program of the Jewish Book Council of America. Nevertheless,
a brief restatement of these aims and uses may be in order.
The Jewish book serves as a cultural bridge between our past
and our present, between our own community and the other Jew-
ish communities the world over, between those of us whose lan-
guage is English and those who nourish their spirit through the
medium of Hebrew or Yiddish, and, by no means least, between
us and those, let us hope more fortunate generations, who will in
time to come evaluate our efforts and achievements. This annual
publication tries to gather and make more widely known the
literary products of the day and indicate their effects on Jewish
life and striving. A glance at the contents of this volume will
show how we attempt to make these intellectual bridges function.
Readers will find in it expressions of judgment on current literature
and on the influence of past authors upon the present. Several
of the articles herein contained attempt to make English, Hebrew
and Yiddish reading Jews aware of the fruitful labors of their
fellows who use the one or the other language. Other articles are
bibliographical; by means of them various areas of Jewish life
and thought can be more fully explored. This is what we of the
Jewish Book Council of America conceive to be the uses of
Jewish Book Annual.
Profound thanks is due to the editors of the three linguistic
sections of this
and to the contributors of the respective
articles. Their work, performed out of their deep interest in
Jewish culture, merits the gratitude of everyone who finds this
volume useful. We are greatly indebted also to the indefatigable
Philip Goodman, Executive Secretary of the Jewish Book Council,
who has coordinated the work necessary in the production of this
book. Had it not been for his devotion to his task, the
could not have appeared.