Page 14 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 4

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A change in the administration of the Jewish Book Council
should be recorded here. Four years ago, Dr. Mordecai Soltes
took over the presidency of the Council from the hands of Miss
Fanny Goldstein, who, residing in Boston, could not further cope
with its expanding activities which she herself had made possible.
Dr. Soltes carried on magnificently despite many hardships. Hav-
ing established the Council on a firm foundation, he chose to
relinquish his office. He deserves well of all his brethren.
Finally, an expression of thanks is due to the National Jewish
Welfare Board, the sponsor-coordinator of the Jewish Book Coun-
cil,— to its officers and its staff. I t has been an unfailing source
of strength to us. Its support of our Council has made all our
work possible, including the publication of this
We hope
that our efforts will justify the JWB’s faith and vision.
This volume is being compiled in a sad moment in Jewish
history. The period of greatest suffering on the part of the Euro-
pean Jewish communities has come to an end. We can now try
to count our losses during the past five tragic years; but these
losses, physical and cultural, are proving to be beyond calculation.
American Israel is showing deep interest in the process of recon-
struction, of which, since we are Jews, cultural reconstruction is
an integral part. Our duty, of course, cannot stop even there.
Not only out of defiance to the brutal enemies of the Jewish spirit,
and not only out of sorrow for the millions of dead, but chiefly
out of faith in and love for our great cultural tradition, we, the
Jews of America, must hold high the torch of Jewish idealism and
intellect. The Jewish Book Council of America will continue to
do this by encouraging the reading of Jewish books.