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Judaism in the First Centuries of the Christian Era
, in three
volumes. Selected poems by the gifted medieval Hebrew poet,
Solomon Ibn Gabirol, and the outstanding post Biblical Hebrew
bard, Jehudah Halevi, passionate lover of Zion, are included among
the classics, as is Moses Hayim Luzzato’s popular approach
to Jewish religious ethics,
The Path of the Upright
The universally acknowledged modern master of Hebrew verse
and prose, Hayim Nahman Bialik, is represented in this list by
several of his most successful short stories,
Aftergrowth and other
Short Stories.
Leo W. Schwarz, who gave us several excellent an-
thologies of Jewish literature in recent years, adds to his laurels by
his most recent unique compilation,
Memoirs of My People.
collection of personal histories, vividly related in diaries, memoirs
and letters, covers a period of about a thousand years and is the
first of its kind in any language. A favorite anthology is
A Book
of Jewish Thoughts
, compiled by Rev. Dr. Joseph H. Hertz, a
collection of some of the best writings by and about Jews which
has been gaining in popularity.
Jewish history is represented by the following meritorious
works: Dr. Abram Sachar’s
History of the Jews
, a well written
story of the Jewish people from Biblical days to the present,
with special emphasis upon the economic and social factors;
A Century of Jewish Life
by Ismar Elbogen, which brings the
History of the Jews
by Graetz up-to-date, and includes
timely material on American Jewish life;
The Jewish Community
by Salo W. Baron, a comprehensive historical and sociological
study of the structure and function of the Jewish community,
the first of its kind in any language;
by Israel Cohen, a
dramatic story of the rise and extinction of this famous center
of Jewish life; and
The Jews of Germany
, by Marvin Lowenthal,
covering Jewish life in that cursed land, from the Roman period
to contemporary times.
Of absorbing interest is Dr. Jacob S. Minkin’s colorful and
informative book,
The Romance of Hassidism.
In it the author
discusses the vicissitudes of this significant movement of Jewish
mysticism which exerted a democratizing influence, through the
stories of the leading personalities who created it and disseminated
its teachings among the masses. The noted novelist Joseph Opat-
oshu depicts realistically Hassidic life in old Poland in the his-
torical novel,
In Polish Woods.