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How Judaism was moulded by environmental factors, and in
turn influenced the cultures among which it flourished, is set forth
with reverence and understanding in Bernard Heller’s
The Odyssey
of a Faith.
This exposition of the historic highlights and enduring
qualities of Judaism as a way of life, its conflicts with rivaling
ideologies and the triumphs which it has experienced from its
genesis to modern times, has proven particularly helpful in con-
nection with courses in the Fundamentals of Judaism and Com-
parative Religion.
Zionism and Palestine Rebuilding are expounded with eloquence
and conviction in the following three works:
Theodor Herzl
by Alexander Bein, an account of the romantic and
self-sacrificing life of the founder of the modern Zionist movement,
which will be found to be of timely and fascinating interest;
and Letters of Henrietta Szold
, by Marvin Lowenthal, a portrayal
of the dynamic and colorful personality of the first Jewish lady
in the world of her generation as revealed in these epistles; and
Harvest in the Desert
by Maurice Samuel, in which the author
tells a powerful and gripping story of the heroic Jewish achieve-
ments in Palestine during the past quarter of a century.
Ludwig Lewisohn depicts the tragic plight of the European
Jew in recent years in a stirring novel,
Breathe Upon These
. Dr.
Solomon Zeitlin explodes the falsehood concerning the trial and
death of Jesus which has brought untold misery to the Jews
throughout the centuries, in his authoritative treatise,
Who Cruci-
fied Jesus?
The reader will find the most comprehensive anthology
of Rabbinic lore in Louis Ginsberg’s
The Legends of the Jews
, in
seven volumes. Moreover,
The Pharisees
by Rev. Dr. Louis
Finkelstein, embodies a review and appraisal of the economic,
social and political background of the thought of the Pharisees
and their enduring contribution in ethics and religion. In
Shalom Spiegel presents a series of scintillating evaluations
of the personalities who were privileged to share in the modern
resurrection of our ancient tongue. Judith K. Eisenstein’s attrac-
tive volume
Gateway to Jewish Song
is one of the best of recent
compilations of Jewish music which adds a joyous note and en-
riching element to contemporary Jewish living.
Stars and Sand
edited by Joseph L. Baron, is another volume of carefully selected
pro-Jewish expressions by famous non-Jews, which should con-
tribute towards the strengthening of Jewish morale. Finally, in
The World of Sholom Aleichem
Maurice Samuel reinterprets the