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N THE face of the destruction of the Jewish centers of Europe,
it is encouraging to note that Hebrew literary activity in this
ountry is continuing on the upswing and that Hebrew works
ppearing here are helping to enrich our cultural life. That a
roup of prominent Hebrew writers is creating and publishing in
merica perforce gives this country a position of importance next
o Palestine as a growing center for the Hebrew book.
Last year’s
Jewish Book Annual
presented an article by Daniel
ersky on recent outstanding Hebrew books in America which
eflected the increased scope and quantity of publishing activity
n America. The present survey will deal with a number of im-
ortant Hebrew books that have appeared here since that time,
s well as with a selection of recent Palestinian literature, which
s continuing to flourish despite the war. The books mentioned
n this survey will undoubtedly make notable additions to the
ebrew collections of public and institutional libraries.
First position among the Hebrew books appearing in America
hould go to the
Sefer Hashanah
, the American Hebrew Year
ook for 5705, published by the Histadruth Ivrith and edited
y Menachem Ribalow. The seventh volume of this collective
ndertaking exceeds the preceding issues in scope and size.
t is not a year book in the usual sense of the word, which presents
nformative surveys and compilations of factual material. I t is
ather a collection of essays, researches and literary pieces on a
ariety of subjects.
Of the thirty-nine contributors to this year’s volume, all but
ne are from America. Among the scientific articles we find a
umber devoted to biblical study (Dr. Solomon Goldman, Dr.
amuel I. Feigen, Prof. A. S. Yahuda and Dr. Robert Gordis).
orthy of note in this section is Dr. Simon Federbusch’s study on
he Jewish approach to war as evidenced in Jewish legal sources.