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The section of
brings us varied stories by Harry
Sackler (Portuguese Jews in Elizabethan England), Reuben Wall-
enrod (American village life), Johanan Twersky (the First Zionist
Congress) and Shlomo Hillels (Jewish refugees in America).
The poetry in the volume includes E. E. Lissitzky’s rendition
of a Negro preacher’s sermon, translations from Paulus Silentarius
by Eisig Silbershlag, and from Edgar Arlington Robinson’s
by Dr. Simon Ginzburg. The essays include various
articles of criticism, surveys of Jewish life and studies of the
American Jewish community. Book-lovers will read with interest
Daniel Persky’s list of 135 recent American Hebrew books.
An attempt to give a picture of Jewish education in America
and to illumine its problems, past and present, is made in the
Sefer Hayovel
, the Jubilee Book of the Hebrew Teachers’ Union
of New York City, edited by Zevi Scharfstein. The volume, pub-
lished in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the organ-
ization, is a fine contribution to the field and contains many excel-
lent papers on the history and problems of Jewish education as
well as analyses of its philosophy and trends.
That Hebrew educators are seeking a reformulation of the aims
of Jewish education is seen from the first section of studies. Dr.
Nissan Touroff in his long essay makes a plea for a nationalistic
content, while Dr. Pinkhos Churgin stresses the religious aspect.
The section on the development of Hebrew education in America
contains Dr. Alexander M. Dushkin’s study concerning the influ-
ence of American education on Jewish education and Israel Kon-
owitz’s interesting memoirs on Jewish education in the early days.
A distinct service is performed by contributors who evaluate the
diverse trends in Jewish education and review the history and
activity of the various institutions of higher Hebrew learning. In
his survey of fifty years of Jewish education in America, the editor
warns of the decline that has set in. For the book-minded there
is A. R. Malachi’s full bibliography of Hebrew educational liter-
ature in America.
^ There also appeared the eighth volume of
, edited by Dr.
P. Churgin and devoted to research in Jewish history and litera-
ture, which contains a number of scientific articles on historical
and literary questions. The third issue of the newly founded
Hebrew quarterly,
, under the editorial direction of Rabbis
Samuel K. Mirsky and Samuel L. Sar, which is devoted to
, made its appearance.