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The Jewish present and its problems — problems of destruction
and upbuilding — are dealt with in two works by the economist
and statistician Jacob Leshinsky:
Whither Are We Going?
Jewish National Workers Alliance, 135 pp.), about Jewish wander-
ings of old and of today, and
The Jewish Catastrophe
for Jewish Affairs of the American Jewish and World Congress,
239 pp.), a book in which are proposed methods to study the
results of the catastrophe in devastated and suffering Jewish
communities in Europe. The martyrdom and heroism of Polish
Jewry are compactly but conclusively described in L. Shpisman’s
The Uprising in the Ghetto
(Pub., Poale Zion-Zeire Zion, 117 pp.)•
The serious Jewish journalism which stands on the threshold
of social research was enriched in 1944 by two works: I. Yefroikin’s
In Dreams and in Reality
(Pub., “At the Parting of the Ways,”
377 pp.)ו and Gregory Aronson’s
The Jewish Problem in Soviet
(Pub., “Vecker,” 178 pp.), a book in which Jewish life
under the Soviet regime is observed by a Jewish socialist.
Amongst the most important American Jewish productions of
1944 should be mentioned the
Hayim Arlossoroff Book
National Workers Alliance, Detroit, 320 pp.), a collective biog-
raphy and character study of the assassinated young Zionist
diplomat, edited by Shlomo Grodenski; and the second volume,
Literary Collections
, Chicago, 239 pp.), the only literary tribune
in the Middle West.
Amongst the poetic works which were completed in 1944
and printed in part in literary journals should be mentioned:
Berish Weinstein’s poem
Heritage of Generations
, and Abraham
In the Valley the Horn Sounded.
The first six months of 1945 show that this year Yiddish litera-
ture wJl have gained a series of important works on all subjects.
Only at the end of the year will it be possible to give a complete
review. We will end by mentioning only a small number of Jewish
books from amongst those which came out at the end of 1944 and
the beginning of 1945.
A bibliography of the Jewish book production in America be-
tween June 1944 and May 1945 was printed in the Jewish section
of the
Jewish Book Annual
where critiques are also given of a
number of mentioned works.
Ephraim Auerbach’s
Jacob's Tents
, I. I. Trunk’s
In the
Middle of the World
, Malca Lus’
Dirges of Other Days
Mode An i
by the deceased Moshe Nadir,
by Mayer Shtiker, and Zal-
man Schneour’s
Forty Years Songs and Poems.
(Fiction) Sh. Miller’s
Red and Black
, a story book issued
in Los Angeles.