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whose publication is costly and whose readers are few, and which
it will not be possible to publish on a commercial basis. Such books
must be published by a public enterprise. The Hebrew University
Press considers it to be its mission to publish such books.
h e
l i st
publications of the Hebrew University Press now
numbers more than 100 items (142 volumes), and it is impossible
in this place to mention them all. I must restrict myself to men-
tion of the more important and characteristic items.
The list is headed by two journals. The quarterly
edited by Prof. J. N. Epstein and is devoted in the main to Juda-
ica and to a lesser extent to other Humanities (Classics, Archae-
ology, Philosophy, etc.).
entered its sixteenth year in 1944.
The second quarterly,
Kiryath Sepher
, founded some years before
the University Press, was initiated by Prof. Bergmann who was
at that time the Director of the National and University Library.
I t is devoted to Jewish bibliography, partly to current bibliography
of Palestinica, Hebraica and Judaica, and partly to original re-
search in the history of the Hebrew book, etc. I t is edited by
members of the staff of the National and University Library whose
wealth of material in the field of Jewish sciences has made it the
focus of Hebrew bibliographical research. The results of this line
of research were published in a series of monographs by Tauber,
J. Joel, Shunami, Gershon Sholem, and particularly by Abraham
Yaari (Catalogues of Manuscripts, History of Hebrew Printing
in the East, Hebrew Printers’ Marks, Bibliography of Jewish
Bibliographies, etc.).
In the field of Hebrew literature mention must be made of
Prof. Joseph Klausner’s monumental work,
A History of Modern
Hebrew Literature
, of which to date four volumes have been pub-
lished and of which two more, now nearing completion, are soon
to be published. Recently preparations for a parallel project in
this field — a series of biographies of modern Hebrew writers —
has been undertaken, thanks to the initiative and financial assist-
ance of an old friend of the Hebrew University, Sir Montague
Burton. Classical Hebrew literature is represented by Prof. David
Yellin’s book
Introduction to the Hebrew Poetry of the Spanish
The results of archaeological expeditions sponsored by the Uni-
versity have appeared in two handsome volumes:
The Third Wall
of Jerusalem
by Leo Mayer and Eleazar Sukenik, and
The Ancient
Synagogue of Beth Alpha
by Sukenik. When these books appeared
thirteen years ago, it was impossible for us to execute the printing