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of the coloured plates in Palestine, and we had to have them printed
abroad. Today we would not run into this difficulty.
In the field of Bible study, a field which was rather neglected
in the first decade of the existence of the Hebrew University Press,
a series of important books appeared during the years of the war:
Commentary on the Book of Job, by Harry Torczyner, the first
volume of a comprehensive commentary on Genesis, by Umberto
Cassuto, a research on the teaching of the Bible by Shlomoh Dov
Goitein, and in addition popular monographs, one on the history
of the text of the Bible by Cassuto and one on its commentaries
by Moshe Zvi Segal.
Other branches of Judaica as well — Talmud, the History of
Hebrew Law, Folklore — are represented in the publication list of
the Press. The first volume of Jewish History:
The Jews in Egypt
in the Light of the Papyri
by A. Tcherikower appeared very recently.
I n
t h e
f i e l d
of Oriental Studies, pride of place is held by
by Al-Baladhuri, the Arab historian of the Mediaeval
Ages. This work was published in the original Arabic, with
Arabic and English commentary, by the Institute of Oriental
Studies. Volume IV/2 and V have already seen light, but the war
interrupted the printing of the VII volume. I t is reasonably
certain that this important project, by its nature necessarily a
long-term one, will be resumed after the war.
The series of “Philosophical Classics” published by the initia-
tive and with the active assistance of Prof. Leon Roth, today
numbers 20 works (23 volumes) by philosophical masters (Aris-
totle, Plato, Maimonides, Descartes, Leibnitz, Berkeley, Hume,
Locke, Kant, Rousseau, Fichte, Mill) in good Hebrew translations
and with preface and explanatory notes. This series forms the
backbone of the publications in the field of philosophy. The selec-
tion of these texts and the form of their presentation is adapted
to the needs of the student. But the Philosophical Classics have
also gained popularity among a wider circle of readers. (During
the war, over 10,000 copies were sold within a few months, on a
market which counts a total population of only one half million).
Several other fundamental books in the field of philosophy, includ-
ing the first Hebrew textbook on
Theory of Knowledge
written by
Bergmann have been published by the Press.
Pedagogy and Psychology are represented by a smaller number
of publications. These include a fundamental research on Pro-
fessional Education in Palestine, edited by Eliezer Rieger, to be
published shortly.