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g round Jew ish literary production in Russia is detailed in S tefan i
H o ffm an ’s “Jew ish Sam izdat.”
An interesting facet o f the relation between art and literature is
seen in the work o f ou r lead ing book illustrators. In her study o f
“ Isaac ’s Sacrifice in the Bible Illustrations o f Lilien and Pann ,”
Milly Heyd has chosen to analyze the treatment o f the central
biblical theme o f the akedah by two p rom inen t Jew ish artists.
Ou r veteran contributor G. Kressel has given an account in his
Hebrew article o f the role o f “Am O ved ,” the publishing arm o f
the H istadru t in Israel, on the occasion o f its fortieth anniversary.
His remarkable collection, now housed at O x fo rd , is the subject o f
George Mandel’s article, another in the ongo ing series concern­
ing the ho ld ings o f various libraries.
Abraham Sutzkever o f Israel, Chaim G rade o f New York and
Peretz Miransky o f To ron to are the sole survivors o f the vital
Yiddish literary g roup known as “Yung V ilne.” Elias Schulman
has devoted his Yiddish article to an evaluation o f the con tribu ­
tions o f this g roup , many o f whose members perished du r in g the
An account o f his experiences in conducting Jew ish research ,
together with a number o f pertinent suggestions for the fu tu re , is
o ffered by Michael Poliak, o f Dallas, T e x a s , in his article “ Dealing
with Jew ish L ibraries — Mainly from A fa r .”
Once again , T h eo d o re Wiener has compiled his informative
gu ide to literary ann iversaries that may be observed du r ing the
com ing year. A number o f these have called forth special treat­
ments. Werner Weinberg has dealt with Moses M endelssohn ’s
“B iu r ,” on the occasion o f its 200th anniversary. Eisig Silberschlag
has evaluated Harry Sack ler’s trilingual oeuvre on the occasion o f
the 100th ann iversary o f the au th o r ’s birth. T h e similar ann iver­
sary o f the birth o f the Hebrew novelist Aharon A. Kabak has led
Norman T a rn o r to discuss the au th o r ’s historical fiction. A b ra­
ham G o ld fad en ’s contribution to the Yiddish stage is reviewed by
Faina Burko , on the occasion o f the 75th anniversary o f the
playwright’s death.
Salamon F abe r ’s birthday tribute to Robert Gordis, p residen t
o f JW B Jew ish Book Council, enum erates his many areas o f
fru itfu l scholarly activity and p resen ts a selected bibliography o f
his biblical studies and works on Jew ish thought.
T o mark the passing o f three lead ing figu re s in the world o f
Jew ish literature and scholarship, the Annual has devoted special