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Periodicals, Newspapers, Jubilee and Memorial Volumes.
important annuals; periodicals of research in various disciplines;
a selection of Israeli and other Hebrew newspapers of the past
century or so; the history of the Jewish, especially Hebrew, press;
a large collection of Jewish memorial and jubilee volumes.
Reference works.
Jewish encyclopaedias in Hebrew, English and
German; biographical dictionaries of Jews in Eretz Israel and the
diaspora; geographical encyclopaedias (of Eretz Israel); dic­
tionaries (of pseudonyms, abbreviations, etc.), and so on.
A very large collection of bibliographies, including
rare ones; bibliographic periodicals; indexes to Jewish periodi­
Encyclopaedias and dictionaries of the Bible; commen­
taries in various languages; classics of biblical research.
Talmud; medieval rabbinic literature; classics of the
19th-century ‘Wissenschaft des Judentums’.
In certain of the subject areas mentioned above, such as
Zionism and the State of Israel, the Library is, to the best of our
knowledge, the strongest in Britain and perhaps in Europe. It is
therefore the policy of the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate He­
brew Studies to continue to develop it in these areas, rather than
in Bible or Rabbinics, for which there are first-rate libraries in
Oxford and elsewhere.
The Archive, which is housed in a separate room, is important
as a unique source of information about personalities in modern
Jewish history, and also contains much information about events,
institutions and places in modern Israel, and the history of the
Jewish press. It is organized as follows.
Newspaper Cuttings.
The collection contains about 300 ,000 cut­
tings from Jewish newspapers of the past 45 years. It also contains
some copies of articles from earlier papers. The great majority of
the newspapers are from Israel (including mandatory Palestine)
but Jewish newspapers in various language from Europe and
America are also represented.
The collection itself is subdivided into sections, of which the
section on
is by far the largest part of the whole
Archive, with over 400 box files containing clippings on 12,000
people. The aim has been to include anyone of importance in