Page 173 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Hafets Hayim, stand out as unique personalities who influenced
the lives of their followers profoundly. Other trail blazers in fields
far apart were Rahel Varnhagen and Abraham Goldfaden.
This wide variety of literary figures testifies again to the rich­
ness of the Jewish experience.*
January: 8, Eisig Silberschlag; 9, Abraham Goldfaden; 24, Jacob
February: 2, Ben-Zion Katz, Israel Lipkin (Salanter); 6, Robert Gordis;
21 , Johann Christoph Wolf; 28, Norman Bentwich.
March: 4, Joseph Meisl; 7, Rahel Varnhagen; 10, Judah Steinberg; 11,
Isaiah Bershadsky; 22 , Jesse Sampter; 25 , Nahum Norbert Glatzer,
Joshua Steinberg; 26, Simon Schreiber.
April: 4, Leo Trepp ; 9, Nahum Shtif; 12, Hartwig Derenbourg; 24,
Harry Radoshisky; 27 , Jacob Voorsanger.
May: 2, Abraham Berliner; 30, Joseph Meisl.
June: 5, Isaac Edward Salkinson; 14, Franz Landsberger; 15, Samuel
Niger; 16, Chaim Arlosoroff; 20, Shalom Ber Maximon.
July: Abraham Moshe Dillon; 1, Israel Konovitz; 15, Mattitiahu
Tsevat; 21, August Bondi.
August: 10, Abraham Isaac Katsh; 16, Menachem Begin; 29, Azriel
Eisenberg; 31, Isaiah Tishby.
September: 13, Israel Meir ha-Kohen, Ignatz Jeitteles; 16, Umberto
Cassuto; 18, Isaac Breuer.
October: 8, Moses David Gaon; 16, Abraham Coralnik; 27 , Joseph
Klausner; 28, Jacob Hoschander.
November: 7, Leon Motzkin; 18, Fishel Lachower; 28 , Ephraim
December: 6, Harold Louis Ginsberg; 18, Samuel Leib Gordon; 21,
Lion Feuchtwanger; 25, Shmuel H. Bergman; 28, Aaron Abraham
Kabak; 31, George Alexander Kohut.
r lo so ro ff
50th anniversary of death. Born in Romny, Ukraine,
in 1899, died in Tel-Aviv, June 16, 1933. As a child he moved with
his family to Berlin, where he became active in Zionism and attracted
the attention of Zionist leaders by his innovative suggestions for the
financing of Jewish colonization in Palestine. After finishing his
* I wish to acknowledge with thanks the help of Morris U. Schappes, who
suggested several names to be included in this article.