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studies in economics at the University of Berlin, he settled in Pales­
tine in 1924 and soon became a leading figure in the Jewish Agency
Executive. In his writings in German and Hebrew he advocated a
moderate socialism, cooperation with Great Britain, and a concilia­
tory policy toward the Arabs. It was this controversial position which
may have been the cause of his assassination, although his murder
was never solved.
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70th birthday. Born in Brest-Litovsk, Poland, August
16, 1913. Active in the Revisionist Zionist movement in Poland, he
came to Palestine after having been imprisoned by the Soviets dur­
ing the early years of World War II. During and after the war he
headed the Irgun Zvai Leumi, the underground movement of the
Revisionists, which fought the British, but was repudiated by the
mainline Zionist community. After the establishment of the State of
Israel, he was the principal opposition leader to the Labor govern­
ment until he won the elections of 1977, when he became prime
minister. His publications deal with his political activities. He has
edited all the underground publications of his movement in four
massive volumes. In English translation there appeared
The Revolt
(1951 , latest ed. 1977), in which he gives an account of his under­
ground activities.
White Nights
(1957 , repr. 1979) tells about his
imprisonment by the Soviets.
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100th anniversary of birth. Born in London, Febru­
ary 28, 1883, died there in 1971. A lawyer, he served as commis­
sioner of courts in Egypt before World War I, as attorney general of
Palestine under the British mandate and later as professor of inter­
national relations at the Hebrew University. A life-long Zionist,
learned in the law and in his Jewish heritage, he wrote numerous
studies in the field of international law, on the law of Palestine and
on various aspects of the Jewish past and present. His
(1919) and
(1914 , reprint 1976) testify to his wide range of
Jewish and classical scholarship. Such works as
Jewish Youth Comes
(1944 , reprint 1976), a description of the Youth Aliyah pro­
gram, as well as numerous works on Palestine and Israel and biog­
raphies of such modern Jewish leaders as Solomon Schechter and
Judah L. Magnes testify to his deep Jewish interests.
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100th anniversary of birth. Born in Prague, Decem­
ber 25, 1883, died in Jerusalem in 1975. An early Zionist in Europe,
he was a librarian at the University of Prague before settling in
Palestine in 1919. There he headed the Jewish National and Univer­
sity Library in Jerusalem for a number of years before becoming
professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University. His writings in
Hebrew and German are concerned with Zionism and general and
Jewish philosophy. In English translation there have been published