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(1946 , reprint, 1961). In Germany in the 1930s he also had written a
book on Jewish art and edited the letters of Max Liebermann
(1847 -1935 ) , an outstanding Jewish painter in Berlin.
sra el
a l a n t er
100th anniversary of death. Born in Zhagare,
Lithuania, in 1810, died in Koenigsberg, Germany, now Kalinin­
grad, February 2, 1883. For many years he headed a yeshivah in
Vilna, where he preached to large audiences drawn to his novel
interpretations and ethical teachings. Particularly well remembered
is his activity during a plague in Vilna, when he exhorted the people
to break the Sabbath laws in order to help save lives. Most spectacu­
lar was his direction to his followers to eat on Yom Kippur during
this emergency. Through the force of his personality he established
a new movement in Jewish life in Eastern Europe, known as the
Musar Movement, which stressed the ethical component in Judaism.
ha lom
a x im o n
50th anniversary of death. Born in Skriva,
Ukraine, 1881, died in Cincinnati, June 20, 1933. In this country
since the early part of the century, he wrote essays as well as stories
for children in Hebrew. He also edited a Hebrew educational maga­
zine. For a number of years he served as registrar at the Hebrew
Union College in Cincinnati, where he also taught modern Hebrew.
. 100 th ann iversary o f birth and 25 th ann iversary o f death .
Both in B rn o , Czechoslovakia, May 3 0 , 1 883 , died in Je ru sa lem ,
March 4 , 1958 . F o r many years an execu tive o f the Jewish comm u ­
nity in Berlin , finally its librarian , he published numerous studies on
the history o f East Eu ropean Jew ry in G erm an . In 1933 he settled in
Palestine and established the Arch ive o f the Jewish People. Post­
humously th e re app ea red his edition o f the minute book o f the
Jewish commun ity in Berlin covering the years from 1723 to 1854 .
o t zk in
50th anniversary of death. Born in Brovary, near Kiev,
Russia, in 1867, died in Paris, November 7, 1933. A Zionist and
defender of Jewish rights throughout his life, during the early part
of this century he directed a news agency that distributed news about
the Tsarist repression in Russia to western European newspapers.
He was a close associate of Herzl and headed the Copenhagen office
of the Zionist Organization during World War I. After the war he
was active in the effort to secure minority rights for the Jews in
Eastern Europe and headed the Jewish delegation to the Minority
Congress. His publications in French and German deal with the
contemporary problems of Jewry including an indictment of Hitler’s
war against the Jews in 1933. Posthumously there appeared selec­
tions of his essays in Hebrew translation.
amu el
ig er
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Dukal, Russia, June 15,
1883, died in New York in 1955. Until the Russian Revolution of
1905 he had been involved in political activity and written mainly in