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concerned with various aspects of Jewish history and thought as well
as with general philosophy and culture. In a recent work he pleads
for recognition of all periods of Jewish experience, no matter
whether a Jewish culture developed in isolation from the general
community as in Eastern Europe or whether it grew in interdepend­
ence with other civilizations as in the Hellenistic period, in Spain,
and in modern times.
h t i e
50th anniversary of death. Born in Rovno, Poland, in 1879,
died in Kiev, April 9, 1933. Although an early Zionist and one of the
founders of the Yivo Institute in Vilna, he eventually returned to
Kiev, where he had studied, to direct an institute of Jewish studies
there. He specialized in Yiddish philology and made significant
contributions in this area. He also translated some important Jewish
studies from other languages into Yiddish.
il b er sch i
80th birthday. Born in Metri, Galicia, January 8,
1903. As a young man he came to America and served for many
years as dean of the Hebrew Teachers College in Boston. A prolific
writer of Hebrew poetry, whose work was influenced by Tscher-
nichovsky and Rilke, he published a critical study of the former in
1969, also a massive history of Hebrew literature, From
Renaissance to
1973-77), Vol. 1.
Hebrew Literaturefrom 1 4 9 2 - 1 9 7 0
; Vol.
Hebrew Literature in the Land o f Israel, 18 7 0 - 1970 .
t e in b er g
75th anniversary of death. Born in Vilna around 1825,
died there March 25 , 1908. An adherent of the Haskalah, he even­
tually became Lecturer in Hebrew at the government rabbinical
seminary there and also was censor of Hebrew books. His major
works consisted o f Hebrew-Russian and Russian-Hebrew dic­
tionaries and Hebrew grammars. A biblical dictionary of his is con­
sidered an outstanding achievement.
t e in b er g
75th anniversary of death. Born in Lipkany, Bessarabia,
in 1863, died in Odessa, March 10, 1908. A writer of Hebrew and
Yiddish stories, many with a hasidic background, he described in his
work the life of the simple Jew. Best known in English is///
Those Days
(1915), a story about the experiences of the “Cantonists,” the Jewish
soldiers drafted as children into the Tsar’s army to serve there for 25
years. A children’s book,
The Breakfast o f the Birds
(1917 , reprint
1936) was also popular.
Isa iah Tishby.
75th birthday. Born in Sanislo, Hungary, August
3 1 , 1 9 0 8 .
In Palestine since
1933 ,
he studied at the Hebrew' University and
eventually became professor of Jewish religious thought there. His
studies are concerned with Kabbalah, ethics and Hasidism. He also
published a Hebrew translation of part of the Zohar, the classical
work of Jewish mysticism.
70th birthday. Born in Mainz, Germany, April 4, 1913.