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Trained for the German Orthodox rabbinate, he served as rabbi
during the early years of the Nazi era before coming to America.
After continuing his rabbinic career in this country for a number of
years, he has been teaching philosophy and Jewish studies at Napa
College, Napa, California. He wrote several books on Judaism, such
Judaism, Development of Life
(1966 , 19 7 4 2),
A History of the Jewish
(2nd ed. 1973), and
The Complete Book ofJewish Observance
(1980). In addition he wrote in German a history o f the Jewish
community in Oldenburg, Germany, where he served as rabbi in his
early years, emulating one of his predecessors, Samson Raphael
Hirsch (1808 -1888 ) , to whom he devoted a special chapter.
a t t i t ia h u
s ev a t
70th birthday. Born in Kattowitz, Germany, July 15,
1913. He studied at the Breslau rabbinical seminary, at the Hebrew
University, and at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, eventu­
ally becoming professor of Bible at the latter institution. In addition
to many articles in the field of Semitic philology, he published the
following books:
A Study of the Language of the Biblical Psalms
The Meaning of the Book ofJob and other Biblical Studies
(1980 ). He
likewise serves as associate editor of the
Hebrew Union College Annual.
a h e l
150th anniversary of death. Born in Berlin in 1771,
died there March 7, 1833. She belonged to that group of Jewish
women in Berlin, who through their spirit and intellect attracted the
aristocracy to their salons at a time when the social status o f Jews was
very low indeed. Alw'ays feeling inferior because of her origin, she
eventually converted and married a minor Prussian aristocrat. After
her death he published her letters which are considered of impor­
tance for the beginning of the Romantic movement in Germany.
75th anniversary of death. Born in Amsterdam, Hol­
land, in 1852, died in San Francisco, April 27, 1908. In the United
States since the 1870s, he served for many years as rabbi of Temple
Emanu-El in San Francisco, editing an influential Jewish magazine
for the Pacific coast. He also wrote a history of his congregation,
Chronicles ofEmanu-El
(1900). Posthumously there appeared
and Addresses
Johann Christoph
o l f
3 0 0 th ann iversary o f birth. B o rn in W er-
nigerode, G ermany , Feb ruary 2 1 , 1 6 8 3 , died in H am bu rg in 1739 . A
prom inen t Christian Hebraist, he is best rem em bered fo r the
liotheca Hebraea
( 1 7 1 5 - 1 7 3 3 ) , a m ajor com prehensive bibliography o f
rabbinic litera tu re , based in large part on the library o f David Op -
penheimer , the con tem po ra ry ch ie f rabbi o f Prague . Th is collection
eventually was bough t by the Bodleian L ibrary at O x fo rd University,
where it was d esc rib ed in the c a ta lo gu e p r ep a red by M oritz
Steinschneider (1 8 5 2 - 1 8 6 0 ) , the p ioneer work o f m ode rn Jew ish
bibliography. W o lf also wrote a history o f Hebrew lex icography .