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growing up between the World Wars. At the center o f each section is
a preoccupation with the protagonist-narrator’s racial bigotry and
encounters with Jews.
o c h l in
, H
a r r ie t
So f a r away.
New York, Jove, 1981. 346
p .
A novel about Western Jewish pioneers in which the heroine
leaves her familiar Jewish world to settle in a new western town on
the Mexican border.
o g a n
, B
Changing states.
New York, Doubleday, 1981. 205 p.
The daughter o f Holocaust survivors, Zara is turned by her over-
protective mother into an independent loner. She feels no emotion
for anyone until she meets Raif, an Israeli Arab. When he is wrongly
imprisoned and later murdered, Zara becomes a zombie who enters
into a life o f wandering and underground political activity.
o t h
. P
h il ip
Zuckerman unbound.
New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux,
1981. 225 p.
The successful novelist, Zuckerman (Roth?), suffers the anti­
climax o f his success and struggles to disassociate himself from his
fictions. A fine examination o f celebrity, the relationship between a
writer and his readers, and the line between truth and fiction.
in g e r
, I
a sh e v is
The collected stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer.
York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1982. 610 p.
This volume contains 47 previously published stories o f the mas­
ter storyteller.
t e in e r
, G
The portage to San Cristobal ofA .H .
New York, Simon and
Schuster, 1981. 170 p.
A 90-year-old Adolf Hitler, hiding out in the Amazon jungle, is
found by a band o f Nazi-hunting Jews who attempt to judge him
before forcing him back to civilization. This controversial novel
seems to say that it is impossible adequately to give expression to the
horrors o f the Holocaust.
amm uz
, B
e n ja m in
Trans, by Kim Parfitt and Mildred Budny.
New York, New American Library, 1981. 210 p.
A haunting tale o f the obsession o f a middle-aged secret Israeli
agent with a girl. The two never meet but correspond over a number
o f years. A master storyteller, the author skillfully presents all as­
pects o f the obsession, with each character unwittingly caught up in
the web o f doom.
e n n e n b a u m
, S
y l v ia
Yesterday's streets.
New York, Random House, 1981.
528 p.
The Wertheim family’s Frankfort roots go back to the 16th cen­
tury— a wealthy, closely knit clan. The story begins in 1903 and ends
in 1945.
o n n e r
, L
esl ie
Female complaints.
New York, Seaview, 1982. 352
p .
Tonner, who specializes in the domestic embroilments o f New