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Jewish Juvenile Books
* A
d ler
, D
a v id
A picture book ofJewish holidays.
Illus. by Linda Heller. New
York, Holiday, 1981. 32 p. (4-8)
Facts and feelings about 19 Jewish holidays are phrased to appeal to
young children. Decoratively illustrated with patterned and stylized
paintings. Includes calendar and glossary.
A picture book of Passover.
Illus. by Linda Heller. New York,
Holiday, 1982. 32 p. (4-8)
Linda Heller’s illustrations in the pastels o f Spring (reminiscent o f
Egyptian friezes) complement Adler’s description o f the events
which led to the liberation o f the Jews from Egypt, and his explana­
tion o f many Passover customs.
* A
rr ick
, F
r a n
New York, Bradbury, 1982. 165 p. (12 and up)
Fed up with being the target o f anti-Semitic abuse from the school
bully, Bob Cherno plots his revenge and suffers guilt when it is too
successful. This first-person tale demonstrates that deep-seated
bigotry does not respond to reason, but that reason can change the
“followers.” A well-written book, useful also for a discussion on
v n e r
, Y
e h u d a
The young inheritors.
Illus. with photos by Gemma
Levine. New
Y o r k ,
Dial, 1982. 228 p. (12 and up)
Candid comments o f young Sabras about religion, relations with the
Arabs, living on kibbutzim, domestic and international tensions,
the Holocaust, and their land, Israel. Striking black and white
photographs (170) capture the unique character and variety o f
Israeli children.
a l d w in
, M
a r g a r e t
The boys who saved the children.
(A Jem
book.) Illus. with photos from Yivo. New York, Messner, 1981. 62
p. Interest level, 12 and up; reading level, 8-12.
A poignant excerpt from Ben Edelbaum’s
Growing up in the holocaust
describing how the author and his fellow workers created a fur coat
from scraps for the commandant’s wife in an effort to save them­
selves from the death camps. Baldwin’s retelling is straight­
forward, bringing the horrors o f Nazi persecution to light in a
simple yet effective manner.
* Asterisked books are especially recommended.