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e r n s t e in
, J
o a n n e
Dmitry: a young Soviet immigrant.
Photos by Michael
Bernstein. New York, Houghton, 1981. 80 p. (10-14)
This photo essay documents a Russian Jewish family’s first year in
America — from their early struggle to find work and living
quarters to their successful adjustment and acculturation. Sym­
pathetically and smoothly written.
l u m e n t h a l
, S
h ir l e y
Coming to America: immigrantsfrom Eastern Europe.
New York, Delacorte, 1981. 224 p. (12 and up)
An overview o f the political upheavals and religious conflicts that
changed the fate o f Eastern European nations — from the Otto­
man invasions through WW II. A separate chapter deals with the
fate o f Jews in Eastern Europe. Included are notes, bibliography,
chronology o f U.S. immigration laws, and an index.
o g o t
, H
ow a r d
a n ie l
B . S
My body is something special.
by Gay Block. New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congrega­
tions, 1981. Unp. (3-7)
The authors show that we need our bodies and senses to observe,
enjoy, and practice Judaism by showing children carrying a T orah,
tasting honey on Rosh Hashanah, listening to the shofar, etc. A
successful concept book for young children.
Prayer is reaching.
Illus. by Marlene Lobell Ruthen. New
York, Union o f American Hebrew Congregations, 1981. 23 p.
The meaning o f prayer illustrated by examples to which a young
child can relate: “Prayer is praising God for the sun, moon, stars
. . . is asking for peace . . . kindness . . . caring . . ., etc. The
thoughts are conveyed primarily by Ruthen’s sensitive drawings.
Brinn ,
u t h
E sr ig w ith
u d y t h
ay po l
.Let’shave a party; 100 mix
and match party ideas f o r the Jewish holidays.
A r t a n d d e s ig n by
M a d e lin e W ik ler . R ockv ille , M d ., K a r -B en C op ie s ,
1981. 69
Crafts and activities given for one holiday are adapted to other
holidays. Makes each holiday even more o f a celebration. Easy
u r n s
, M
a r il y n
The Hanukkah book.
b y
Martha Weston. New York,
Four Winds, 1981. 120 p. (10-14)
In addition to providing instructions on making dreidels, menorahs,
and holiday food, the author tells why the holiday is celebrated and
how various families celebrate it. What makes this book distinctive
is the discussion the author undertakes in the section: “What About
h a ik in
, M
ir ia m
Light another candle: the story and meaning o f Hanukkah.
Illus. by Demi. New York, Houghton, 1981. 80 p. Hard cover and
paper. (8-12)