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their Austrian relatives to safety in the United States, Jancy sees
that her father is fiercely Jewish in his own way. Natural inter­
relationships, good dialogue and characterizations.
ir er
, B
e n z io n
The Twins.
Trans, from the Hebrew by Bracha Slae. New
York, Feldheim, 1981. (10-14)
A novel about a Polish Orthodox family in which the parents die for
“kiddush ha-Shem” and their twin children survive the Holocaust
— the boy, after being a child-partisan, and the girl, after convert­
ing to Christianity. The dramatic circumstances o f their reunion in
Israel, and the stories o f Jewish faith and courage throughout the
book, make this an exciting, if somewhat stilted, addition to
Holocaust literature. (12 and up)
* F
ish e r
, L
eo n ar d
v e r e t t
The seven days o f creation.
Illus. by author. New
York, Holiday, 1981. Unp. (4-8)
The vastness o f the empty universe and the majesty o f creation are
captured in this visually stunning adaptation o f
Fisher’s use
o f composition and scale is masterful; the images, colors and tex­
tures are both compelling and dramatic.
r u c h t e r
a a k o v
The best o f Olomeinu.
Book One. Illus. by
Yosef Dershow itz. New York, Mesorah Publications/Torah
Umesorah, 1981. 160 p. Paper. (10-14)
Stories selected from the pages o f the periodical,
set in the
present and the past. Tales o f miracle and legend demonstrate the
efficacy o f faith and prayer and stress the value o f Torah study.
Attractively designed and beautifully illustrated in soft pencil and
charcoal sketches.
a bo r
, G
eo r g ia
My destiny; survivor o f the holocaust.
CA ., Am en , 1981.(12
and up)
The author’s account o f her wartime experiences in the ghetto o f
Hungary and her liberation, through her ill-fated marriages up to
the present time is presented in a simple, conversational tone
which will appeal to teenagers. Quite frank and graphic; demon­
strates clearly the effects o f the Holocaust upon survivors. Illus­
trated with photos from the author’s albums. (12 and up)
a n z
, Y
a ffa
The adventures ofJeremy Levi.
Illus. by Harvey Klineman.
New York, Feldheim (Young Readers Division), 1981. 95 p. Paper.
Jeremy is a likeable 11-year-old boy full o f ideas and schemes. Some
turn out well, and others get him into trouble, but all o f which help
him mature into a Torah-observant youth. Natural first-person
narration and cartoon illustrations.
Who knows one? a book o f Jewish numbers.
Illus. by Harvey
Klineman. New York, Feldheim (Young Readers’ Division), 1981.
Unp. Paper over boards. (4-8)