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A counting book which shows the significance o f numbers in Juda­
ism. For this reason, after “10” the authors skip around up to “613”
for numbers that have relevance to Judaism: 12, 13, 18, etc. Excel­
lent examples are given o f Jewish concepts represented by particu­
lar numbers. Klineman’s cartoon-style benefits from the bright
water-colors and large-page format.
ir io n
, B
ar b ar a
A handful o f stars.
New York, Scribner, 1981. 179 p. (12
and up)
Just starting high-school, Julie is stricken with epilepsy. Factual in­
formation about epilepsy and the prejudices associated with the
illness are smoothly integrated into the story, as are evidences o f
the family’s Jewishness. Lovely grandmother/granddaughter rela­
tionship described with true-to-life characterizations.
* G
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d r e ic h
, G
lo r ia
A treasury o f Jewish literature: from biblical times to
New York, Holt, 1982. 243 p. (12 and up)
A very readable anthology o fJewish literature with historical introduc­
tions and meditations on the literature of: the Bible, the Apocrypha,
the Talmud, the Siddur, the Golden Age o f Spain, Mysticism,
Hasidism, Yiddish writings, Zionism, the Holocaust, modern He­
brew works, and both the American and Canadian Jewish experi­
ence. The “Introduction” is reason enough for buying the book.
Glossary, bibliography, index.
G o
itesman, Uri
Shpeter; a latecomer in early history.
Book One. Illus.
by Yochanan Jones. New York, Judaica Press, 1981. 43 p. Paper.
God smote the Egyptian first-born and Shpeter slept, right through
the exodus from Egypt. He is caught in the Red Sea when he tarries
too long watching the wall o f fire God had set up to stop the
Egyptians. After being miraculously saved, he sleeps through the
receiving o f the Torah. I slept through the book. Jones’ illustra­
tions are just a bit too dark and undifferentiated. Based on mid­
rashic material. Glossary.
Shpeter; from the depths to the heights.
Book Two. Illus. by Cara
Sue Koenig. New York, Judaica Press, 1981. 44 p. Paper over
boards. (6-9)
m o re Shpeter
tales based on the Midrash. In one, God causes the
ground to open and swallow those who challenged Moses — and
Shpeter falls in, too. In another, Shpeter becomes the plaything of
giants, destined to be dashed to earth, until he sails like a bird as he
spreads his
arba kanfot
when he says the
Marred by careless
illustrations, but vastly improved over Book One. Glossary.
, H
ow a r d
Bar mitzvah.
b y
Elaine Grove. New York, Holt,
1981. 32 p. (10-14)
Another in the series o f books about Judaism by the author.