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Illus. by G.A. Morganroth. New York, Judaica Press, 1981. 123 p.
Hard cover and paper. (8-12)
Five more mysteries solved by using insights from Talmud and
Jewish history. A twisted menorah helps thwart the machinations
o f an evangelical cult; a dreidle conceals a secret message, and so
on. Contrived, but entertaining and informative.
imm el
, E
r ic
Hershel o f Ostfopol.
Illus. by Arthur Friedman. Phila.,
Jewish Publication Society, 1982. 40 p. (4-8)
A figure famous in Jewish folklore for his ability to live well without
working and for his philosophical wit is introduced in four humor­
ous tales capably reported by author Kimmel. Overtextured illus­
l a ss
, S
h e il a
o l o m o n
Nobody knows me in Miami.
New York, Scribner’s.
1981. 149 p. (9-12)
Miriam, 10-year-old daughter o f a poor, close-knit, observant family,
is given the choice o f scrimping with her family, or being adopted
by her wealthy aunt and uncle, who are childless and Reform.
Contains a fine Passover segment.
* K
l e in
, G
e is sm a n
Promise of a new spring; the holocaust and renewal.
Illus. by Vincent Tartaro. Chappaqua, New York, Rossell, 1981.
Unp. Paper. (6-10)
Using the metaphor o f a forest ravaged by fire, the author introduces
the young reader to the history o f the Holocaust and the idea o f
survival and renewal. A variety o f illustrative styles is employed in
accordance with the mood o f the text, some more successfully than
others. Reminiscent o f a tone poem.
ran zler
, G
e r sh o n
The silver matzoh and other stories.
b y
Geffer. New York, Feldheim, 1981. 108 p. Hard cover and paper.
Ten exciting stories set in medieval times in various countries where
Jews lived: Germany, Poland, Iraq, and Spain. Each story stresses
Jewish loyalty to religious ideals despite the surrounding hostile,
threatening society. Historically accurate and filled with intrigue,
adventure and mystery.
* L
a sk y
, K
a t h r y n
The night journey.
Illus. by Trina Schart Hyman. New
York, Warne, 1981. 150 p. (10-14)
Rachel spends part o f each night in “Czarist Russia” when her great­
grandmother, Nana Sashie, relates the story o f her childhood to her.
This story within a story has smooth transitions and excellent char­
acterizations, and is enhanced by Hyman’s expressive drawings.
National Jewish Book Award — Children’s Literature, 1982.
e h m a n
, M
a r c u s
The count o f Coucy; vanished.
(Jewish Youth Classics).
New York, Feldheim, 1981. 215 p. (12 and up)
Count o f Coucy
: offers insight into the everyday lives o f the Jews o f