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existence in the ghettos, the camps, and efforts at resistance. In­
cluded are Eichmann’s role, the Nuremburg trials and universal
implications o f the Holocaust. Bibliog., further readings, index.
u t l a n d
, J
o n a t h a n
Take a trip to Israel.
New York, Watts, 1981. 32 p.
A visual, elementary introduction to Israel in clear, straightforward
language illustrated by photos. Offers information on geography,
main cities, schools, home life, kibbutz life, historical sites, sports,
agriculture, and manufacturing. Glossary, maps, index.
a y po l
u d y t h
o b b in s
a d e l in e
ik ler
My very own Sirnchat Torah
M d . ,
Kar-Ben Copies, 1981. 24 p. Paper. (4-8)
In large type, and purple and white collage, a clear explanation o f the
festival is given. Transmits the joy in the Torah in all its manifesta­
tions: Book, scroll, history, and never-ending source o f learning.
Torah blessings and holiday songs.
c h if fm a n
, R
u t h
Turning the corner.
New York, Dial, 1981. 170 p. (12
and up)
A sober, moving Depression Era story set in a small Pennsylvania
town. Eighteen-year-old Rebecca struggles with her conscience:
Should she stay and help support her family, or continue her plans
to further her education? A family tragedy complicates her deci­
sion. Jewish values throughout.
* S
ieg a l
, A
r a n k a
Upon the head of the goat: a childhood in Hungary, 1 9 3 9 -
New York, Farrar, 1981. (12 and up)
A poignant autobiographical novel that follows a Hungarian child’s
growing up during W.W. II and her family’s heroic struggle to stay
together and survive. The dramatic, gradually escalating plot mir­
rors the tragedy o f Jews in Nazi-occupied countries. Written in a
vigorous conversational style, with startlingly clear portraits o f the
whole family.
n y d e r
, C
a r o l
The great condominium rebellion.
Illus. by Anthony
Kramer. New York, Delacorte, 1981. 149 p. (10-14)
About 13-year-old Stacy and her younger brother, Marc, who had
their own idea o f how wonderful their Hanukkah vacation would
be in their grandparents’new Florida condominium, only to have it
dashed by a set o f frustrating rules.
Ike and Mama and the once-in-a-lifetime movie.
Illus. by Charles
Robinson. New York, Coward, 1981. 96 p. (8-12)
Ike’s mama insists that the boys pay for the tickets to the movie into
which they sneaked (for free). They do so by getting roles as
“extras” in a D.W. Griffith film! Amusing with good historical
t e r n
, S
h ir l e y
Exploring Jewish holidays and customs.
New York, Ktav,
1981. 190 p. Paper. (10-14)