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An illustrated, well-designed source book which offers ample infor­
mation on the history, symbols and relevance o f the holidays. How
holidays are celebrated in Jewish communities throughout the
world. A final unit on the Jewish life-cycle (up to marriage), and
Jewish education is included. Activities, blessings, and glossary.
* T
e n e
, B
e n ja m in
In the shade o f the chestnut tree.
T rans. from the Hebrew by
Reuben Ben-Joseph; illus. by Richard Sigberman. Phila., Jewish
Publication Society, 1981. 136 p. (10-14)
A compilation o f anecdotes based on the author’s memories o f his
childhood in Warsaw during the period between the two World
Wars. Some are poignant and some funny; others offer a wry com­
ment. But all are written with a sophistication o f style and simple
e il er st e in
, S
a d ie
o s e
K'tonton in the circus; a Hanukkah adventure.
by Marilyn Hirsch. Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1981. 96 p.
Interest level, 6-10; reading level, 8-10.
In his latest adventure, K’tonton is transported to the circus by a
kidnapper. There he instructs the other members o f the side-show
in Jewish tradition and folklore, before he is returned to his par­
ink l er
, G
e r sh o n
The hostage Torah.
b y
Yochanan Jones. New
York, Judaica Press, 1981. 115 p. (10-14)
With Orthodoxy and the committed Jew as a frame o f reference,
Winkler uses talmudic reasoning to solve the mystery o f a Torah
held hostage by “terrorists” in a story o f espionage and suspense.
o l f
a c q u e l in e
Take care ofJosette: a memoir in defense o f occupied France.
New York, Watts, 1981. 192 p. (10-14)
A survival story o f two Jewish orphans who come into contact with
both injustice and loving kindness in their efforts to survive.
w e r in
, R
a ym o n d
A . a n d A
udr ey
r iedm a n
a r c u s
Purim album.
I l l u s .
b y M a r l e n e L o b e l l R u t h e n . N e w Y o r k , U n i o n o f A m e r i c a n H e b r e w
C o n g r e g a t i o n s , 1 9 8 1 . 2 6 p . ( 4 - 8 )
The story o f Purim is told when a little girl displays a “picture album”
o f her class’ Purim play. The pictures are unsophisticated colored
pencil drawings, but the text can easily be adapted to dramatic