Page 230 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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a iry np’n yio’xi xn’m s t rm ’rn -nn1? , narcn m x ’ S ’
,1’Vpna .ixaoi,vn pns’ nwa nxa .m*?nx niT’y nxtpi i^pnaa
/ay 81 .x"awn /'nnia, uosix Dian­
n a nato onnax nxa .x p^n .xap x a a ' oa
y nana x tr ■>
w v
.x"awn ,’wxp nnp ,pnx’ xi:
ny ’net?
p1?n .n^aai nn: ma^na o^n ’pos *?a n a x n na
oisn ,p^pna .j^xayyiw ^*n:ya amax nxa .^'m nia^n ^y
/ay rVp .a^avn , n m
nxa nnx ^a *ry toian ainn ^ma nxiafl ia , o x i ax m a a
/ay n"s ,x"awn ,"nnia*
,j^pna .a nxsin .pxmtr1? nn
p*?n .^ynnyow pns’ nxa .ma’rn m ra i D’trinm , pns ’ ’ a a i a
/ay iTE"i .a"wn ,"p’sxn;i nnaw,/ D"Ya ^Vpna .a
mx^ty *?njya onia mn^a □,’Dpi1?a . an .: a i na *?n ’ p os D i p ’ 1?
^ p n a /nan ’ax’an nVna na’tr n ’a^n H’ *?y mx1? xsr .jnxo
/ay u^Vp .a"awn /'nma*
.a nxsin -ia1?!
nxa /"naa xap xmnna n n a x ’ D i p1?
/ay a7/ann .a"awn ,nnp ,r^pna
•ti"snn .a"awn ,nnp /p^pna .r1? ,1s? D’pno . x ’ : n o n a x ’ D ip 1?
/ay T"Dirn
A new annotated edition of the major work of Shneor Zalman of
Ladi, the founder of Habad (Lubavitch) Hasidism. Covers chapters
noxn ^xpur nxa .noon an maSn Vy m a ■?n *»tatp*? ( o i a n p )
/an tr: ,a"»rn /n *xt rnnan ma r^pna
,p*?pna .^mn now b ite oy /u ia’o .x p^n .
nn i a ’ D i p1?
.a"awn -a^ona n ’on
Sayings of Nahman ben Simhah of Bratzlav, one of the major figures
of Hasidism.
,l^pna .^nm nstr w its ay /, la’o ,x p>n . j
nn i a ’ D i p1?
.a"awn ,atona ’Ton
*?n:y» on:a nxa .onyiai man ,yiawn nruns *?y m n ’ ir ’ D i p1?
.nisom ay n:p,inai norm nxsin .xnp’i .a ina ,n nso .]nxomx’:w
.x'wn ,nnp ^pVpna
Sermons on the weekly Pentateuchal portions and festivals by
Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, the present leader of Habad.
.a nxsin .w nxai’Va ‘*?xiaw nxa . *?x
a w n u n m m ’ D i p1?
,1’Vpna .n"ann nso .x"’ nyw .ram nso .’ nyw .nisom oy
.x"awn ,nnp
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