Page 247 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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* L o c k e r , M a l k a .
Rainer Maria Rilke and his “Book of hours.”
Jerusalem, 1981. 122 p.
Includes a critical appraisal of the German poet, along with
translations of his poems into Yiddish.
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.BIXD /IT 388 .1981-X"awn nU-^XnttP ,3'’3K"^J1
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. fx i ix 1? px a in n nana n y i .p^iyayjixa px nunsT ,pnyn
M a i t l i s , Y a a k o v
J. From the ancient past till the present day; historical
and literary studies and essays. Tel Aviv, Israel Book, 1981. 388 p.
Essays, in 3 sections: Biblical paths, writers and works, memoirs
and encounters.
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•no 21 : TDimX /TT 286 .1981“K"BWI1
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* M i r o n , D a n .
The image of the shtetl; three literary studies. Tel
Aviv, I. L. Peretz, 1981. 286 p. Introd.: Dov Sadan.
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P3 1961 BDnnx-’TP p s ^xmwT px
S o v e t i s h H e y m l a n d .
20 years of Sovetish Heymland; bibliographical
guide. Moscow, Sovetski Pisatel, 1981. 61 p. (Sovetish Heymland
library, 8.) Compiled by M. Itkovitsh, Kh. Beyder.
List of belletristic works published in the journal, from July-
August 1961 to July 1981.