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J. S
, ed. History of the Bund. New York, Unser Tsait, 1981.
Vol. 5: 331 p. Illus.
A discussion of the Bund’s struggle for Jewish political rights
in Poland, Latvia and Romania. Vol. 1 (of a projected 6-vol.
set) first appeared in 1960.
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Z a l c m a n , M o s h e .
The big change in the life of the Jews in France;
from the Six Day War to 1980. Tel Aviv, Israel Book, 1981. 157 p.
Port., illus.
Perspective on the social and political development of French
Jewry over the past 15 years.
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J e w i s h A u t o n o m o u s R e g i o n ;
photo-album. [Khabarovsk], 1980. 126 p.
Illus. [Text: Naum Ayzman
et al.
Photographs: Anatoly Yeshtokin.
Yiddish: B. Y. Miller.]
Trilingual (Russian, Yiddish, English) album about Biro­
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B l e t e r ;
journal of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research,
Jubilee vol. 46, in honor of YIVO’s fiftieth anniversary, 1925-1975.
New York, YIVO, 1980. 358 p. Illus. Ed.: Isaiah Trunk.
Articles and sources on the history of YIVO and concerning