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Anglo-Jewish Books
A m o s , J o h n
Palestinian resistance: organization of a nationalist movement.
Oxford/New York, Pergamon Press, 1980. xxii, 471 p. Append.,
Notes, Ind.
A r o n s o n , C h a im .
A Jewish life under the Tsars: the autobiography o f Chaim
Aronson 1825 -1 8 8 8 .
Trans, from the Hebrew by Norman Marsden.
London, G. Prior, 1982. 288 p.
A v i n e r i , S h l o m o .
The making of modern Zionism; the intellectual origins o f the
Jewish State.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1981. x, 244 p. Notes,
A v i - Y o n a h ,
.A rt in ancient Palestine.
London, George Prior, 1982 .412 p.
Ind., Illus.
A y o o b , M o h am m e d ,
The Middle East in world politics.
London, Croom
Helm in association with the Australian Institute o f International
Affairs, 1981. 217 p. Ind.
B a n k s , L y n n e R e id .
Defy the wilderness.
London, Hogarth Press, 1981. 277
Novel, set in Israel.
B a r - G a l ,
Y. and
S o f f e r ,
Geographical changes in the traditional Arab
villages in Northern Israel.
Durham, University of Durham, Centre for
Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, 1981. vii, 88 p. Bibl., Maps, Illus.
(Occasional paper series, No. 9).
B a r w e l l , B e a t r i c e ,
Zionist yearbook 1 9 81 -82 . 5742^43.
London, The
Zionist Federation Educational Trust, 1981. 354 p. Illus.
B a u m , J e f f r e y
B a r b a r a .
A light unto my path; the story of H .N . Solomon
(1795 -1 8 8 1 ) of Edmonton.
London, Edmonton Hundred Historical
Society, Jewish Research Group, 1981.
B a u m , R a i n e r
The Holocaust and the German elite: national suicide in
Germany 1871 -1 9 4 5 .
London, Croom Helm, 1981. 374 p.
B a y f i e l d , T o n y
London, Gouldston Educational Foundation,
1982. 192 p.
B e n A s h e r , D a v i d .
Fighting f i t; the Israeli Defence Forces guide to physical
fitness and self-defense.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1982. 192 p.