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B e r g h a n , V o l k e r
R. and
K i t c h e n , M a r t i n ,
Germany in the age of total
London, Croom Helm, 1981. 266 p. Appendix, Ind.
Essays in honor o f Francis Carsten, one o f the most important
historians o f Germany and Central Europe, by his friends and
pupils. Includes essays on anti-Semitism, the origins o f World War I,
paramilitarism and various other aspects o f German history.
B e r l i n , I s a i a h .
Against the current: essays in the history o f ideas.
Ed. by Henry
Hardy. London, Oxford University Press, 1981. iii, 394 p. Bibl., Ind.
(Selected writings, Vol. 3).
B e r m a n t , C h a im .
The patriarch.
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1981.
448 p.
B i e r m a n ,
o h k
Righteous gentile; the story of Raoul Wallenberg, missing hero of
the Holocaust.
London, Allan Lane, 1981. xii, 218 p. Bibl., Illus.
B l a k e , R o b e r t .
Disraeli’s grand tour; Benjamin Disraeli in the Holy Land
1830 -31 .
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1982. 152 p.
B o w e r , T om .
Blind eye to murder; Britain, America and the purging o f Nazi
Germany - a pledge betrayed.
London, Andre Deutsch, 1981. 501 p.
Notes, Ind., Illus.
B r a u n , T h o m a s .
Disraeli the novelist.
London, Allen &Unwin, 1981. 149p.
B r e n n e r , L e n n i .
Zionism in the age of the dictators.
London, Sage Publica­
tions, 1982. 256 p.
B r o n n e r , S t e p h e n E r i c .
A revolutionary o f our times - Rosa Luxemburg.
London, Pluto Press, 1982. 128 p.
C r a g g , K e n n e t h .
This year in Jerusalem; Israel in experience.
London, Dar-
ton, Longman
Todd, 1981. 178 p. Notes, Ind.
D a r w i n , J o h n .
Britain, Egypt and the Middle East: imperial policy in the
aftermath o f war 1918 -1922 .
London, Macmillan, 1981. 333 p.
D a v i e s , H u n t e r .
The Grades; thefirstfam ily o fBritish entertainment.
Nicolson, 1981. 320 p. Illus.
D o m n i t z , M y e r .
Thinking about Judaism.
Guildford, Butterworth Press,
E l k i n s , M i c h a e l .
Forged in fury.
Loughton, Piatkus Publishers, 1981. 274
History o f Israel’s independence.
F r a n k e l , E d i t h R o g o v i n .
Novy Mir: a case study in the politics o f literature
1952 -58 .
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1981. xvii, 206 p.
Notes, Bibl., Ind.
F r a n k e l , J o n a t h a n .
Prophecy and politics; socialism, nationalism and the Rus­
sian Jews, 1 8 6 2 -1 9 1 7 .
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press,
1981. xxii, 686 p. Notes, Bibl., Ind.
G i l b e r t , M a r t i n .
Auschwitz and the Allies.
M .
Joseph, 1981. 368 p.
Notes, Ind., Illus.
G o l a n , M a t t i .
Shimon Peres: the contender; an intimate biography.
Nicolson, 1982. 252 p. Illus.