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G o o d m a n , J e a n .
The Mond legacy: a fam ily saga.
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1982. xv, 272 p. Notes, Ind., Illus.
The family o f Alfred Mond (Lord Melchett), founder o f Imperial
Chemical Industries, whose son and daughter Arthur, Lord Mel­
chett and Eva, Marchioness o f Reading, became Zionist activists with
the rise o f Nazism.
G r e a t B r i t a i n . H o m e O f f i c e
.Racial attacks. A report.
London, 1981. 42 p.
White paper on racial riots.
H a l l s , W i l f r e d D o u g l a s .
The youth o f Vichy France.
London, Oxford Uni­
versity Press, 1981. xi, 492 p. Notes., Ind.
H a m i l t o n , I a n .
Koestler; a biography.
London, Seeker
Warburg, 1982.
xvii, 398 p. Bibl., Notes, Ind.
H a y m a n , R o n a l d .
K; a biography o f Kafka.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicol­
son, 1981. 420 p. Illus.
H i r o , D i l o p .
Inside the Middle East.
London, Routledge
Kegan Paul,
1982. xix, 477 p. Notes, Bibl., Ind.
Deals with the Arab-Israel conflict.
H o lm e s ,
D e r e k .
The papacy in the modern world, 1914 -1978 .
Oates, 1981. ix, 275 p. Bibl., Ind.
Deals with the Popes’role in fighting the Nazis and anti-Semitism.
H o u r a n i , A l b e r t .
The emergence of the modern Middle East.
London, Mac­
millan, 1981. 243 p.
International Directory o fJewish Studies, 1981182.
Oxford, Starmain Ltd.,
1981. 1 vol.
K l i e m a n , A a r o n .
Israel, Jordan, Palestine: the search f o r a durable peace.
London, Sage, 1981. 80 p. (Washington Paper).
L a q u e u r , W a l t e r .
Farewell to Europe.
L o n d o n , W e i d e n f e l d
N i c o l s o n ,
1981. 320 p.
Sequel to the novel “The Missing Years.”
L a w t o n , C l i v e
TheJewish people; some questions answered.
London, Board
o f Deputies, Central Jewish Lecture and Information Committee,
1982. 40 p.
L i g h t m a n , S i d n e y ,
The Jewish travel guide 1982.
London, Jewish
Chronicle, 284 p. Illus.
M a g u i r e , K a t e
Israelization ofJerusalem.
London, Arab Research Centre,
1981. 78 p. Maps. (Arab papers No. 7).
M a la m u d , B e r n a r d .
The Fixer.
London, Chatto
Windus, 1981. n.e.
The tenants.
London, Hogarth Press, 1981. 240 p.
M a rm u r , D o w .
Beyond survival: reflections on thefu tu re ofJudaism.
Darton, Longman
Todd, 1982. xviii, 218 p. Glossary, Ind.
M o c a t t a , F r e d e r i c D a v i d .
Jews of Spain and Portugal and the Inquisition.
London, F. Cass, 1981. n.e. 106 p. Illus.
M o o r e , C l a r e ,
The visual dimension - aspects o fJewish art.
London, G.
Prior, 1982. 342 p.