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M u r p h y , F r a n c i s
The papacy today.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
1981. viii, 269 p. Bibl., Ind.
Deals with the 2nd Vatican Council’s Declaration on the Jews.
Myant, M.R.
Socialism and democracy in Czechoslovakia 1945—1948.
don, Oxford University Press, 1981. ix, 302 p. Notes, Bibl., Ind.
Deals with the Slansky trial.
N e w m a n , A u b r e y ,
The Jewish East End 1840 -1 9 3 9 .
Proceedings o f the
conference held on 22 October 1980jointly by the Jewish Historical
Society o f England and the Jewish East End Project o f the Associa­
tion for Jewish Youth. London, Jewish Historical Society o f Eng­
land, 1981. xi, 358 p. Map.
N i c h o l a s , H e r b e r t
G., ed.
Washington despatches 1941^45; weekly political
reports from the British Embassy.
London, Weidenfeld
1981. xviii, 700 p. Ind.
Sir Isaiah Berlin, who for most o f the period was the author o f
these weekly summaries sent to the Foreign Office from Washing­
ton, describes in his introduction how they came into being. Many o f
the dispatches refer to matters o f Jewish interest (anti-Semitism,
Zionism, the Palestine question).
O b e r f i r s t , R o b e r t .
A l Johnson: you ain't heard nothin’yet!
London, Tantivy
Press, 1981.
A m o s .
H ill o f E v il Counsel.
London, Fontana, 1981.
Short stories.
Where the jackals howl.
London, Hogarth Press, 1981. 244 p.
Short stories.
P a u l , G e o f f r e y
L iv ing inJerusalem.
London, Wayland, 1981. 52 p. Illus.
P l a s c o v , A v i .
The Palestine refugees in Jordan 1948 -57 .
London, F. Cass,
1981. Notes, Appendices, Bibl., Ind., Map.
The problem o f the Palestinian Arab refugees has become
charged with emotion. This is a first attempt to examine the evolu­
tion o f the issue in the 1950’s — a period when most Palestinian
refugees lived in the Hashemite Kingdom o f Jordan which had
every intention to integrate them.
A Palestinian state'? examining the alternatives.
London, Interna­
tional Institute for Strategic Studies, 1981. 59 p. Notes. (Adelphi
Papers No. 163).
P o l l i n s , H a r o l d .
A history of the Jeioish Working Men’s Club and Institute,
1874 -1912 .
Oxford, Ruskin College Library, 1981. 41 p. Appends.
P r y c e - J o n e s , D a v i d .
Paris in the Third Reich: a history o f the German occupation
1940 -1944 .
London, Collins, 1981. x, 294 p. Notes, Ind., Illus.
Deals extensively with the treatment o f Jews.
R e i t l i n g e r , G e r a l d .
The SS; alibi of a nation 1922 -1945 .
London, Arms
Armour Press, 1981. 502 p. Bibl., Ind., Maps.