Page 260 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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R i n g s , W e r n e r .
Life with the enemy; collaboration and resistance in H itler’s
Europe 1939^45 .
Transl. by J. Maxwell Brownjohn. London ,
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1982. 351 p. Notes, Bibl., Ind.
R o k a c h ,
Israel's sacred terrorism - a study o f Moshe Sharett.
Ithaca Press, 1980. 68 p.
Anti-Israeli tract.
Rybakov, A n a to li .
Heavy sand.
Trans, from Russian by Harold Shukm an .
London , A llen Lane,
1981. 381
Novel dealing with Russian anti-Semitism.
S e l l a , A m n o n
.Soviet political and military conduct in the Middle East.
Macmillan, 1981. xiii, 211 p. Notes, Appends., Bibl., Ind.
S h a d id , M o h am m e d
The United States and the Palestinians.
Croom Helm, 1981. 252 p. Appends., Bibl., Ind.
S i n g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v i s .
Satan in Goray.
Trans, from Yiddish. London,
Penguin Books, 1981. n.e.
S m i t h , B r a d l e y
The road to Nuremberg.
London, A. Deutsch, 1981. ix,
303 p. Notes, Ind.
The trial o f major war criminals.
S m i t h , D e n i s M a c k
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1981. xiv,
429 p. Notes, Bibl., Ind., Illus.
Biography, dealing also with the persecution o f Jews in Italy.
S p e e r , A l b e r t .
The slave state; Heinrich Himmler’s masterplan f o r SS su­
Trans, by Joachim Neugroschel. London, Weidenfeld &
Nicolson, 1981. xiv, 388 p. Notes, Ind.
Deals with the persecution o f Jews.
S t e c k o l l , S o l o m o n
The Alderney death camp.
London, Granada Publ.,
1982. 189 p. Maps, Ind., Illus.
The Nazi death camp in the Channel Islands.
S t e e l e , R o b e r t .
Freud and Jung: conflicts of interpretation.
London, Rout-
Kegan Paul, 1982. 416 p.
Compares the two schools o f Freud and Jung.
S t e p h e n s o n , J i l l .
The Nazi organization o f women.
London, Croom Helm,
1981. 246 p. Bibl., Ind.
Their role in the extermination o f Jews.
T a l a l , H a s s a n B e n .
Palestinian self-determination; a study of the West Bank
and Gaza Strip.
London, Quartet, 1981. 138 p. Appends., Illus.,
T a lm o n ,
Myth o f the nation and the vision o f revolution. The origins of
ideologicalpolarization in the 20th Century.
London, Seeker
1981. xviii, 632 p. Notes, Ind.
T a y l o r , D e r e k ,
ed . Jewish education 1981 /82 .
London, Jewish Educational
Development Trust, 1981. vii, 176 p.